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Old Mohegan was his friend, and will vouch for his virtues.
They do say--I do not vouch for it--but they do say that men sometimes print a vast edition of a paper, with a ferociously seditious article in it, distribute it quickly among the newsboys, and clear out till the Government's indignation cools.
The honourable gentleman related one case of a muffin boy, who having been exposed to this inhuman and barbarous system for no less than five years, at length fell a victim to a cold in the head, beneath which he gradually sunk until he fell into a perspiration and recovered; this he could vouch for, on his own authority, but he had heard (and he had no reason to doubt the fact) of a still more heart-rending and appalling circumstance.
Well, you know, I don't vouch for the truth of it - indeed, far from it - but haven't you heard -?
I can vouch for the accuracy of the subjoined account, for I have had access to Lestrade's note-book, in which the prisoner's words were taken down exactly as they were uttered.
I used to boast of my own Anne Elliot, and vouch for your being a very different creature from--"
For the sake of guests, and these were distinguished, Willoughby was ready with a bow of his head to vouch for the good behaviour even of the waves.
Be that as it may, I do not vouch for the fact, but merely advert to it, for the sake of being precise and authentic.
Well, I don't vouch for the truth of it myself," said Peechy Prauw, "though all the world knows that there's something strange about that house and grounds; but as to the story of Mud Sam, I believe it just as well as if it had happened to myself.
We can definitely vouch for it reducing the vouch for it reducing the appearance of pores, appearance of pores, too, which is always too, which is always a bonus.
All their players will vouch for the fact (there wasn't a butt) but that's what I'm being accused of and it pains me because it's something Wrexham are Forest keeper I haven't done and had no reason to do.
Sir Bruce Keogh wrote to Dr Chris Jones, medical director of the NHS in Wales, in November, saying he could not vouch for the veracity of the data.
I cannot vouch for other parties, but as far as our Party is concerned we have three members and we will go all out and support the no confidence motion and insist on a united Andhra Pradesh and also for an assembly resolution for dividing the State," he added.
H i Having grown up with a restless, wandering beagle called Rufus, I can vouch for what inquisitive, naughty little characters they are.
r I have had one for several years now and can vouch for their usefulness.