voting trust

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an agreement whereby persons owning stock with voting powers retain ownership while transferring the voting rights to the trustees

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Economic equivalency is achieved as a result of the holders of the exchangeable shares receiving certain rights which are set out in the exchangeable share provisions, a support agreement entered into by the target and the foreign parent company and a voting trust and exchange agreement entered into by the target, foreign parent and a Canadian trust company.
As Pulitzer heirs join the new voting trust, they'll send 96 percent of B votes to the table.
The purpose of the voting trust was clear: to create a vigilant and active set of monitors to safeguard investors' interests.
Three principal insulating methods are used by the DoD to negate or reduce the risk associated with significant foreign ownership: the voting trust, the proxy agreement, and the special security agreement.
Ironically, a voting trust, which held nearly all the company stock, was established by the LaVerdieres to assure the smooth management of their retail business.
Cotter, Jr., Respondent, Case No: BP159755 that a trustee ad litem be appointed with "the narrow and specific authority to obtain offers to purchase the RDI stock in the voting trust" to be established under the James J.
Riney Family Voting Trust (the Riney Trust), the Paula and Rodger Riney Foundation and the St.
Gail Laule, an SBMEI shareholder, said Sharpe requested the presence of the policemen during the takeover to assure the 'peaceful enforcement of a court order,' which affirmed the revocation of the voting trust agreement that management had given to Tai.
BDI has not reviewed the initiative for voting trust in the Government and as Koha has been told from partisan sources, the decision to give support to the Government was unambiguous.
Pursuant to the TRO, Textron transferred the Avdel stock to a voting trust pending resolution of the FTC issues.
Voting trust: A voting trust is one that is created primarily to exercise the voting power over stock transferred to it.
shed another 1 million-plus shares in Power-One, which lowered the Stephens voting trust's ownership in the company to less than 10.2 million shares, or 12.9 percent.
Incus's shares of Laredo National Bancshares will be placed into a voting trust. Independent trustees, proposed by Incus and Hank Rhon and approved by the Board, will vote the shares.
Woodworth will replace Penniman on the voting trust, a board which voles most of the family-owned stock and thus controls the company.