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shares in a corporation that entitle the shareholder to voting and proxy rights

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The share exchange, when fully completed, is expected to have the former Nano shareholders controlling 90% of the voting stock of XNWU.
Following execution of the CRH merger agreement, stockholders representing approximately 63.4 percent of the outstanding voting stock delivered written consents approving the transaction, of which, consents representing approximately 31.5 percent of the outstanding voting stock became effective immediately.
Further, there are no obligations for investors who own less than 5 percent of the company's outstanding voting stock, or who are not officers or directors, to report their trading information.
(ii) by investing in up to 100 percent of the voting stock of a new banking subsidiary incorporated under the laws of the Philippines; or
As part of the acquisition of GE Money, its parent firm GE Capital has acquired 1.5 percent of BDO's outstanding voting stock. GE Capital was also granted an option to purchase additional BDO common shares at PHP33 per option share that will bring its stake to 10 percent of BDO's outstanding voting stock.
The takeover offer is subject to the condition that at the end of the offer period Barracuda has tendered at least 75% plus one share of Phion's voting stock. The core shareholders in the Austrian company, who hold a combined stake of some 22%, have agreed to sell their shares for the offered price.
The stock sale had no impact on the Ford family's 3.8 million shares of Class B voting stock that gives it roughly a 40 percent voting interest in the company, Truby said.
company must own a certain percentage of the foreign subsidiary's voting stock. In 1962, the ownership percentage was lowered from the original 50 percent to 10 percent.
While representatives of the Bancroft family have long said that members representing 52% of the voting stock oppose Murdoch's $5 billion offer, Christopher Bancroft's public opposition is significant because, the Journal reported, he "has been regarded by some in the News Corp.
It allows EU investors to own up to 25% of voting stock in US airlines and, "subject to case-by-case" analysis, more than 50% of non-voting stock.
That number of shares amounts to 50.89 percent of Mercian's voting stock.
Example 2: Corporation Y acquires Corporation V's stock from the V shareholders in exchange for consideration that consists of 50% voting stock of Y and 50% cash.
must relax ownership rules that keep foreign investors from owning more than 25% of voting stock in a U.S.
Nestle Ice Holdings, which provided funds to pay the purchase price, will now become the record owner of in excess of 90% of Dreyer's outstanding voting stock. Nestle Ice Holdings is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestle Holdings.