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shares in a corporation that entitle the shareholder to voting and proxy rights

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Bausch & Lomb exchanged shares of its voting stock for all of the property of a 79.
As a result, the acquisition is not solely for voting stock, and must be tested under the boot relaxation rule.
9 percent of the Company's outstanding voting stock, unless such purchaser agrees to purchase all the shares of the Company's voting and non-voting stock.
4 percent of the outstanding voting stock delivered written consents approving the transaction, of which, consents representing approximately 31.
ii) by investing in up to 100 percent of the voting stock of a new banking subsidiary incorporated under the laws of the Philippines; or
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 16, 2014-CFH Group acquires 50% of voting stock of Boston Technologies and Boston Prime Ltd
25% of the US firma[euro](tm)s non-voting stock and 20% of its voting stock, as it had increased its global presence and diversified its raw materials sources.
Example 2: Corporation Y acquires Corporation V's stock from the V shareholders in exchange for consideration that consists of 50% voting stock of Y and 50% cash.
com, if at any time Nestle owns at least 90% of Dreyer's outstanding voting stock and the Class A Shares are converted into Class B Shares, Nestle will become obligated to cause a short form merger between itself and Dreyer's.
When at least 80 percent of a company's stock is acquired by another company in an exchange solely for the acquiring company's voting stock, the transaction may qualify as a type B reorganization under section 368(a)(1)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code.
The Bush administration is seeking approval to increase the limit of a US airline's voting stock which can be held by a foreign entity.
4 percent of the total voting stock of the company, making FNF the second-largest holder of voting stock.
Minorities must retain a majority of company voting stock and manage daily operations.
Even more disturbing was the Tax Court's statement, in dicta, that the premium for a controlling interest in voting stock would be "substantially greater" than the premium applied to a noncontrolling interest.
Your Business: Recapitalize your corporation into voting stock (say 100 shares) and non-voting stock (say 10,000 shares) in a tax-free transaction.