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one of several districts into which a city or town is divided for voting

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He adds that the female worker of NEC is also under probe for giving excess ballot papers to the voter at the voting precinct.
Former justice minister and current Saeima Deputy Solvita Aboltina will be top on Unity's ticket in the Kurzeme Province (western Latvia) voting precinct.
The Commission found that black voters were disproportionately the victims of faulty voting equipment, erroneous purging of voter lists, switching of polling places at the last minute, and potential intimidation by the presence of police at heavily black voting precincts.
The gay household variable is a proxy for the percentage of the population in each voting precinct that is gay.
King's birthday); the 40th Anniversary Circle of Light and Truth Demonstration during the President's State of the Union (Jan 20, 2004); Mobilization Conclaves and Presentations at Democratic and Republican Conventions (June & July 2004); and a 40th Anniversary March on Ballot Boxes in Every Voting Precinct in America (Tuesday, Nov.
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"I have no idea as to where my voting precinct is.
Kise has handled cases before the Florida Supreme Court involving constitutional challenges to Florida's voting precinct requirements.
Voters' home addresses determine their voting precinct and associated polling place, which in turn determines the content of their ballots.
City Council affirmed a deal with Houston Healthcare that is hoped to remove another school voting precinct.
Avi Rubin, a professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University, warns that a security flaw leaves the machines vulnerable to a virus that could disable all machines in a voting precinct.
People who work outside their voting precinct can vote at any of the locations,'' said Leida Erickson, a registrar/recorder deputy for 5th District county Supervisor Michael D.
She also worked as the poll warden at her local voting precinct.
I went to my redistricted voting precinct at the Winnetka Recreation Center.
Teachers were allowed to use an improvised ballot box at the Catubig school's voting precinct on Monday, said the Commission on Elections (Comelec).
Dodrill said he was surprised by the tax measure's defeat in every voting precinct of Springfield, given 9 percent of the program's users come from the city.