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a booth in which a person can cast a private vote

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Advocates of the ban argue that selfies in voting booths can allow people to buy and sell votes, but Barbadoro wrote that the state had no proof of "an actual or imminent problem with images of completed ballots being used to facilitate either vote buying or voter coercion.
The ideas presented by Millennials inside and outside of the voting booths are reflective of this generation's creativity, technological savvy and interest in strengthening our connections to one another.
You press the "live stream" button in the voting booth, face the camera and hold up both your ballot and photo ID.
The voting booth has toured more than 17 organisations across the UAE.
The voting booth is then open for the remainder of the day and all of the following day.
In addition, the Election 2008 Action Center will also be home to ANA's "virtual voting booth.
As Mugabe's sanity diminished, he eventually shunned Todd and took Todd's passport and right to vote off him in 2002, but in Todd's inimitable style he defied Mugabe and still went down to the voting booth.
A person who may not have similar beliefs to my own, who has not gone through public scrutiny, a person I don't know even on a social context, am not sure I'd vote for in a voting booth .
But what we do in the voting booth is private and necessary.
Despite the concerns raised, the council pressed ahead with taking away the voting booth from Barlow.
The way we do it up north is that each voter receives a ballot, enters a voting booth, marks the ballot with the necessary check mark or marks (using a soft pencil provided), folds the ballot, exits the booth, and puts the ballot in a ballot box.
This unconstitutional law dictates that the states must deploy at least one Americans with Disabilities Act compliant voting booth in every precinct in America by November of 2006.
Editor Schlesinger writes that each volume offers a "distillation of character and career," along with a message of citizen responsibility that the buck stops in the voting booth.
But thanks to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) and the cases it spearheaded, black attorneys gave us access to schools, public accommodations, and the voting booth.