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a booth in which a person can cast a private vote

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Advocates of the ban argue that selfies in voting booths can allow people to buy and sell votes, but Barbadoro wrote that the state had no proof of "an actual or imminent problem with images of completed ballots being used to facilitate either vote buying or voter coercion."
In fact, anyone traveling more than two hours to a voting booth -- which was the usual requirement -- was highly susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite, and in many of Virginia's larger counties the trip to vote took all day.
'It's a great opportunity for all of us to be able to take part in this survey and share our priorities with the world's leaders,' said a young woman after she directed her family to the voting booth. 'We all have to play a role in shaping the future of the generations to come.'
After the voter has stamped his or her vote in a closed voting booth, they have to seal the envelope and drop it into the ballot box.
Today's image shows a man in a voting booth in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Before going to the voting booth on November 6, make sure you know each candidate's position.
You then wait in line for the next voting booth to become available.
McKittrick suggests parents can help teach their kids about democracy by, for one, actually voting, and, when age-appropriate, bringing their children to the voting booth when casting their ballot.
As she explores the vessel alone, she encounters the Smilers and learns the truth about what goes on in the Voting Booth. Drama, with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, guest starring Sophie Okonedo (Criminal Justice), Ian McNeice (Doc Martin) and Terrence Hardiman (The Demon Headmaster).
I have expressed my opposition to these wars at the voting booth by voting Libertarian in the last two presidential elections.
At the convention, an accounting firm is chosen to staff the voting booth. The league makes ballots and brings "I voted" stickers.
I think that we as a gay community should band together to make our voice known to Obama and to other politicians that we do count, not just at the voting booth but while they're in office, to gain the rights they have promised ["When a Nod's Not Enough," February].
Following a longstanding tradition of cute, inventive logos on special holidays and occasions, Google Israel is marking this Election Day with a special logo depicting each letter of the recognizable trademark inside a voting booth.
Ladbrokes are betting on how many states McCain manages to secure and are 5-6 that the Republican gets 22 or more - a price which could appeal to those who believe that Obama's large lead in the polls won't necessarily transfer directly to the voting booth.
"It's certainly easy to walk into a voting booth every four years and feel like you're going to change the world, but that's not going to do it," he told CNN.