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a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative

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Science World talked to voice experts and tech wizards to discover what separates good singers from bad ones, and how the show's voting technology works.
Longer commutes and workdays have lead many residents to opt out of traditional voting methods, choosing to mail in absentee ballots or cast electronic votes via touch-screen polling locations.
voting system have undergone a huge change in the past 6 years.
Obviously, repeat voting is built on a foundation of fraudulent voter registrations or sloppy administration of the voter registration lists.
Mark Latham, a Wall Street veteran who founded the Corporate Monitoring Project to improve shareholder oversight of corporate management, warns that another pitfall of proxy voting is to cast one's ballots "along party lines," that is, according to recommendations laid out by a company's management team.
That problem is the denial of voting rights in Congress to nearly 600,000 Americans living in America's capital, Washington, DC.
And yet the lack of one uniform election system--each state, county, and locality has different rules about how it conducts elections--means that there are literally thousands of voting systems to understand, making it even more difficult to evaluate accusations about failures to protect against voting fraud and suppression.
White officials used all kinds of devices to keep blacks from voting, including literacy tests, poll taxes, grandfather clauses (requiring proof that one's father and grandfather had been eligible to vote), intimidation, and outright violence.
Unlike the 2000 elections, though, it took more than a week for 2004's voting glitches and irregularities to really register on the mainstream media radar.
VOTING FOR PRESIDENT IS A LOT LIKE SEX--and not just because it takes place once every four years in the solitude of a semi-private booth.
Many members of the media are looking at the dangers voting machines may pose to the integrity of the national election.
Constitution, ratified (approved) by Congress in 1971, sets the national minimum voting age at 18.
A relic of our founders' reservations about direct democracy in the late eighteenth century, a time when no such thing had ever been achieved beyond the confines of a city state, the Electoral College today is not a deliberative body, but a way of apportioning 535 voting units to the 50 states according to the size of their delegations to Congress, plus three electoral votes to the District of Columbia, the nation's capital that sends no voting members to either house of Congress.
Debate on the Hill surrounds voting rights for former felons