voter turnout

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the total number of voters who participated


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BONUS: On a separate sheet of paper, create a broken-line graph representing the voter turnout percentages from 1992 to 2000.
The incumbent governor in Kumamoto Prefecture, Yoshiko Shiotani, easily won a second four-year term in Sunday's election, defeating her sole challenger amid record low voter turnout, according to the final returns.
The year after ratification of the 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18, voter turnout fell by 5.7 percent.
As per recent statistics uploaded on website of ECP after provincial assembly elections in merged areas, the total low voter turnout remained in PK-07 Khyber III as 17.50 per cent wherein male voter turnout was 25.30 per cent while the female was 17.02 per cent.
This provisional voter turnout data is tentative voter turnout.
After Hong Kong, Dubai posted the second highest voter turnout with 28,487 followed by Singapore with 25,110 and Abu Dhabi with 15,806.
'As of this point, we have already 74.89 percent voter turnout. So we are on track to meet the 75 percent projection that we said earlier,' Jimenez said in a press conference at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City.
The polling process, which will end at 5pm, involves 39,684 eligible voters in Sandakan with the EC targetting 70 per cent voter turnout.
Germany based air carrier Lufthansa has announced it is branding an Airbus A320 with the slogan SayYesToEurope across its fuselage to promote higher voter turnout for the European elections, the company said.
High voter turnout in Sinai's Sheikh Zoeid CAIRO -- 20 April 2019: A few hours after the poll stations opened on the first of referendum on the constitutional amendments, Sinai's Sheikh Zoeid has seen a relatively high turnout in citizens going to vote, amid a calm, sunny day.
Because special elections often have extremely low voter turnout. When sales tax votes are held at the same time as a general election, voter turnout is higher--about 44 percent on average.
The overall voter turnout for the first part of the plebiscite is higher than the 75 percent target the poll body.
Whether or not you are happy with how your political party fared in Tuesday's elections, everybody should be encouraged by the historically high voter turnout seen locally and across the nation.
Texas voter turnout in 2018 races toward presidential election year levels
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