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thwart the passage of

vote against

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When asked if her party was prepared to vote down a Labour Budget, she said: "[We] would be prepared to vote down a Budget if it was pushing, putting forward more cuts on the backs of the poor.
But when asked on the Sunday Politics Wales programme if she'd vote down a Labour Queen's Speech, she said: "We may well do that.
THE voting down of the constituency boundary proposals by the Lib-Dems is not just an attack on the Conservative party, it is a deliberate attack on the electorate because they dared to vote down the Referendum on an Alternative Voting system.
More than half of black voters polled in March planned to vote down same-sex marriage; a poll at the time showed the law being nonetheless upheld, 52 to 44 percent.
The DPJ-controlled upper house could vote down the bill Friday if the party fails to reach terms with the LDP on an amendment to exempt scandal-hit Shinginko Tokyo, a bank primarily owned by the Tokyo metropolitan government and under fire for lax lending, from public fund injections.
Constitutional Affairs Secretary Stephen Lam, who lobbied legislators to vote down the motion, insisted on first reaching a consensus on the election model before deciding when it should be carried out.