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thwart the passage of

vote against

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PLAID CYMRU would be prepared to vote down a Labour Budget that imposed cuts on the poorest in society, party leader Leanne Wood has stated as she accused Ed Miliband of "arrogantly" rejecting their offer of help to form an "alternative government".
Thomas Buffenbarger, defied union leaders in the Puget Sound area by ordering the new vote, and those leaders are urging Boeing workers to once again vote down the extension, which calls for numerous concessions.
LONDON, Shawwal 25, 1434, Sep 1, 2013, SPA -- The United States and some European states are concerned about the decision by Britain's opposition Labour Party to vote down a government motion that could have paved the way for a strike on Syria, Foreign Secretary William Hague on Sunday, according to Reuters.
THE voting down of the constituency boundary proposals by the Lib-Dems is not just an attack on the Conservative party, it is a deliberate attack on the electorate because they dared to vote down the Referendum on an Alternative Voting system.
More than half of black voters polled in March planned to vote down same-sex marriage; a poll at the time showed the law being nonetheless upheld, 52 to 44 percent.
If there were 2000-plus votes against granting Tesco the go-ahead to build a supermarket on Holyhead Road / Grayswood Avenue were there 2000-plus councillors available to vote down the petition from residents who voted against it?
LABOUR rebels warned yesterday they would vote down the Budget unless Gordon Brown ditches plans to axe childcare vouchers.
Last year opposition parties teamed up to vote down the Budget, for the first time since devolution, though a revised spending programme was later passed.