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an official appointed to count the votes (especially in legislative assembly)

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The pairs of vote counters were on one side of the tables and the other side had a roped-off area providing about five or six feet of separation.
I was watching television coverage at the moment the Court stayed the Florida recount and witnessed a vote counter lift her hand to examine a ballot and then, when the news of the decision came, drop it, with evident sadness, back onto the uncounted pile.
His first invention was an electrical vote counter which he tried to sell to Congress.
"In looking for the perfect combination of legislator, philosopher, strategist, vote counter, TV talking head, best-selling author, and movie personality, we're overstating the job description." When former Democratic leaders held less-over-whelming majorities, says the member, they saw their main job as getting a majority on any given day, a strategy that worked pretty well to slowly secure the sort of government they sought.
3 House leader Steve Scalise, R-La., said, "We need to win this election and then get more seats next year." Each is their party's chief vote counter.
Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn is not listed in these categories because, as the top Republican vote counter in the Senate, he will probably be involved in nearly every piece of legislation.
He introduced Sayeed Mohiuddin as AH Counter, Mohd Azeemuddin Zubair as Vote Counter, T.M.
.Your readers can also get the booklet and more information, including an animated video where Victor the Vote Counter demonstrates both voting systems, on our website: www.aboutmyvote.
Another retail vote fraud technique, this one used by vote counters, is "the short pencil"--where a vote counter conceals pencil lead under a fingernail to make additional marks on a ballot in order to invalidate one or more votes by causing "over-votes." The term over-vote refers to a ballot that has more votes than the number allowed for a contest.
He may be able to hold forth for hours on the poisoning of the environment, but he is a clear-eyed vote counter, too.
She's consistently the hardest worker, the best organized and great vote counter."
Scalise, as the lead Republican vote counter, is the member of GOP leadership that most rank-and-file members interact with on a routine basis, and his Capitol office suite tends to be a hub for lawmakers when the House is in session.
Working at the polls for more than 35 years and moving up the ranks from vote counter to chief clerk, Joan B.