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Synonyms for votary

one zealously devoted to a religion

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one bound by vows to a religion or life of worship or service

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a priest or priestess (or consecrated worshipper) in a non-Christian religion or cult

a devoted (almost religiously so) adherent of a cause or person or activity

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Because of the shifting and often deliberately obscure nature of religious ideas, setting out the case against religion is a game of shadows, made no easier by the fact that many of the apologists and votaries of religion are eager to believe, even to self-deceive, and refuse to examine the considerations that would call their cherished commitments into question.
Divinities routinely described as "women's goddesses," including Juno Lucina or Juno Sospita, also received attention from male votaries, and the attention they received from women had civic and public implications.
The ex-Carmelite John Bale was a keen antiquary, and his writings, the apocalyptic Image of both Churches and Actes of the Englysh Votaries, proved seminal.
Freud has been dead for nearly seventy years but he has many votaries who live on.
The marbles were originally designed to show a continuous procession of Olympic Gods and votaries. That procession was broken when Lord Elgin arranged for some 60 per cent of the total sculptures to be sawn off and shipped to great Britain, leaving the remaining 40 per cent in situ but now bereft of meaning.
Though it can heal wounds instantly and prolong life indefinitely, the life it gives to its votaries is not regenerate eternity, but protracted sequential existence.
Rieff's anger at the votaries of a new world order may also lead him a bit astray.
Willing votaries will constantly keep alive its fires and these shall gleam upon the shores of our sister republic to the east.
This eclectic mix of essays reminds us that democracy can be both an asset and a liability to its votaries in time of war.
Ando has created an enduring frame for an icon of fashion and a stage for its votaries, while cleverly concealing the private domain of staff and buyers.
A woman from a rural area of France falls in love with a man who takes a mysterious and long trip to England and returns as a woman; a young man expects to spend a boring twenty-one days in the "purgatory" of a backward spa for "gagagenarians" and finds himself involved in the hottest nights in town with sexual athletes of both genders; a nosy parker writes the answer from the Virgin Mary to the message one of her votaries placed in front of her statue in a forgotten chapel.
Nor does he explain how, if these historical votaries of Christ were conscious of the erotic implications of their words, they could have justified such imagery in their own minds as legitimate religious expressions.
William Grant Still: A Bio-Bibliography nonetheless serves as a useful reference tool for votaries, performers, and scholars who wish to expand their knowledge of Still's works, to know where works can be located, and to know what others may have said about certain works.
These mandarins, one after another, generation upon generation -- to the vanity and despair and mournful flutes of their votaries -- went down to the grave.
Actually, the implied connection between the two superwomen had more to it than many of the votaries of either's cult could appreciate.