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Synonyms for vortex

Synonyms for vortex

the shape of something rotating rapidly

a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides)

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Usable indoors, outdoor or even underwater, this powerful, compact, and efficient LED system is comprised of seven individual hexagonal High Intensity Vorticular Array (HIVE) modules interlinked.
Blake had had a similar insight in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: "Without Contraries is no progression" (Blake 1979: 149); and in Milton, where he intuited the utility of the clockwork metaphor to explain the universal dynamics (27: 8-10), and where he asserted that all of reality is vorticular in nature (15: 21-35), so all the wheels in the clockwork are vortices:
It is indeed remarkable that this condition of the universe as described above by Melville and Blake (the vorticular clockwork) resembles Haramein's worldview (2011, 2012, 2013), in which it is shown that gravity is not simply a warping-curving of space (as shown by Einstein) and light does not simply move up and down in a sinusoidal flat plane: the curving of gravity and the sinusoidal movement of light (and all the other electromagnetic waves) are accompanied also by a torque, i.
New innovations include the new RGB Modular Optical Array (MOA) Series, featuring unique High Intensity Vorticular Enclosure (HIVE) technology incorporating red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs; and the Linear Optical Array (LOA) Series, which offers unparalleled high intensity brightness and color changing options.
A revolutionary light emitting diode (LED), color-changing Optical Array will be unveiled Friday when OptiLED debuts its new High Intensity Vorticular Enclosure (HIVE) modular system at this week's Entertainment Technology Show - LDI 2004 in Las Vegas (booth 624).