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Synonyms for vortex

Synonyms for vortex

the shape of something rotating rapidly

a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides)

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The purpose of the present study is to simulate the LC dynamics in barotropic/baroclinic experiments, to compare the results to previous laboratory runs, and to understand the role of various model parameters (such as barotropic/baroclinic effects, steady transport and flow rate oscillations through passages, vorticity of inflowing water, rotation, friction, beta-effect, orographic anomalies) in circulation patterns, using a laboratory model of the Gulf.
The data at the specific time at 75% of the tail beat cycle--the time when the posterior finlets are in position to influence flow according to the vorticity enhancement hypothesis (Nauen and Lauder, 2000)--were also analyzed using this method.
Thus, from the viewpoint of the generated vorticity, a downstroke in insects corresponds to the entire aircraft flight period.
l], the transient temporal and spatial characteristics of the auto body turbulent vorticity and rear velocity vector were studied.
The sum of static and dynamic pressure deficits generated the stagnation pressure deficit, while the vorticity was recreated using vectors of [u.
Randall presents a graduate-level introductory overview of the global circulation of the atmosphere for students who have completed a graduate course in atmospheric dynamics and are familiar with such concepts as the equation of motion, the approximate hydrostatic and geostrophic balances, potential temperatures, vorticity, pressure coordinates, and planetary waves.
If the physical background of the flow is examined then it can be observed that the vorticity generated due to the shrinking of sheet is not confined within the boundary layer, and the steady flow exists only when adequate suction on the boundary is imposed.
In Figure 3we show variations of vorticity for various positions of of the wind turbine blades.
Both models are closely related to the 3D Euler equation written in terms of the vorticity and are therefore mathematically interesting.
However, the vorticity produced by a rotor is complex, and understanding of the mechanisms is still evolving, principally through computational fluid dynamics, the Royal Academy report suggests.
In the case of heavy precipitation in the Mediterranean region, Kasper and Muller [4] considered the role of anomaly of some quantities like positive vorticity advection of mid levels and meridional temperature gradient in the low levels.
Mean kinematic vorticity estimates, using the rigid grain and quartz grain shape techniques, indicate that early deformation included a high contribution (49-66%) of pure shear (Langille et al.
The significance of a study of this problem is to analyze the three dimensional MHD flow of non-coaxial rotating porous disk with nearly the same angular velocities to expedite the situation of a gyroscopic motion in determining the behavior of a MHD flow with reference to blowing and suction in taking into account of force and torque that become relevant to the presence of vorticity.