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Synonyms for vortex

Synonyms for vortex

the shape of something rotating rapidly

a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides)

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The entire range features the unique and innovative award-winning Grant Vortex heat exchanger
Vortex said the financial strength and technical service capabilities within Kellstrom Aerospace will accelerate the growth of Vortex's service offerings and cost saving solutions.
Accordingly, Vortex plans to sell down 45% of the equity share capital of the transaction in the near future, retaining a 5% stake in line with its previous transaction structures.
Vortex will continue to target wind and solar acquisitions in Europe with a target of owning a total of more than 2 GW in generation capacity within three years," Moussa added.
So in present study, three less protruding vortex generators with four different plunging angles were applied on the nozzle upper plane to study the effect on the buffeting phenomenon.
While some extreme weather events at some locations are related to transient displacements of the edge of the tropospheric polar vortex, these events are in no way a manifestation of major changes in the global atmospheric circulation.
More extreme events like the polar vortex would likely have devastating effects.
Specifically, Vortex provides our systems with efficient, secure and interoperable real-time data sharing.
For a complete list of new features, consult the Release Notes on the Vortex 6.
This Vortex CQC also included the latest new and enhanced features and water savings benefits, and also incorporated the new design Dewaterer which is highly successful at removing excess water on all different pastas.
The vortex tubes can be classified into two categories, one being the more ubiquitous counter-flow type and the other the uni-flow type, both of which can be observed in Figure 1.
As the vortex loses energy, the vertical flow transports hot gases from above and cold gases from below the vortex toward its center, restoring part of its lost energy.
The Vortex Tube (VT) is a specially designed cylindrical device with no moving parts.
In 1867, Scottish physicist Lord Kelvin went a step further and suggested that vortex rings could tie in knots.
MSIGW, which came into existence in 1999, was bought by a joint venture of Hannover Re and Mitsui Sumitomo and, after several iterations, formed Vortex Insurance in 2008.