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Synonyms for vortex

Synonyms for vortex

the shape of something rotating rapidly

a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides)

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Founded by CEO Adrian Sutton, CTO Behzad Heravi and finance and COO Nick Beckett, Vortex IoT is made up of a team of engineers with expertise in emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.
The sale of Vortex Energy's wind assets demonstrates EFG Hermes's ability to acquire, manage, and exit renewable energy investments on a global scale.
The VORTEX III 870 is no exception and is guaranteed to come equipped with the latest technology, such as its Visual On-demand System (VOS), a data management system designed by Muratec.
The latest finding changes that observation and confirms the presence of a warm, 20,000-mile-wide vortex on the North Pole as well.
A vortex is basically a coherent mass of fluid rotating around a common origin.
Best Buy 2017 awardwinning Grant Vortex Condensing Oil Boiler Range
Over the next few months, Vortex plans to begin integrating VacVision services and personnel into the Vortex family, to expand the company's growing presence in the Southeastern US.
The MSI Vortex G65 is sort of a gaming counterpart to the Apple Mac Pro, but without the Mac's thermal constraints.
Rudes, known for his work in New York's Silicon Alley and MetroTech, joins Rick Marek, president and founder of Vortex, known for his work advising law firms and financial companies.
PrismTech, a provider of software platforms for distributed systems, announced on Monday that its Vortex intelligent data sharing platform has been selected by Dutch based agricultural technology company Lely, to secure real-time data connectivity for its automated robotic milking machines, the Lely Astronaut.
Industrial facilities with hazardous locations requiring ATEX Certification gained another safe cooling option as ITW Vortec introduced the ProtEX Vortex A/C, certified for Zones 1 and 21.
PrismTech has launched Vortex Edge Connect, a scalable and extensible framework for connecting different endpoint technologies together in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 systems.
It is widely acknowledged that at typical wind velocities of the wind tunnel, whenever the cavity resonant mode in the plenum chamber met with the preferred frequency of vortex shedding in the shear layer, the buffeting phenomenon occurred and create pressure and velocity fluctuations at specific frequency.
Company's immersive Vortex Advantage simulator runs tower crane, mobile crane, overhead crane, boom truck, wheel loader, backhoe loader, and excavator operator training modules.