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Synonyms for voracity

the quality or condition of being voracious

Synonyms for voracity

excessive desire to eat

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Frank and I became colleagues and long term firm friends and I'm still astonished by his energy, voracity and banter.
The Roman cross came to represent the oppressive terrors of Spanish colonization in most of South America (Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese, with no less religious voracity); perhaps in Gamarra's eyes the modernist grid is a contemporary equivalent, dictating how we organize our cities, draw the limits of private properties, and impose order.
As triumphant nation-states demonstrated, success came through the imposition of violence, not any cultural institution even if time healed their voracity. The challenge to fragile Arab states today is to apply efficient legal systems without relying on brutality, both to distinguish themselves from their more successful counterparts and, perhaps, to remove the stains associated with survival affinities.
The US State Department has yet to confirm the reports, with spokesperson John Kirby earlier telling reporters: "I just don't have any additional information right now." "We are working closely with Iraqi and Kurdish authorities to try to get more information to confirm the voracity of these reports," he said.
While the political chest-puffing and back-biting continues (and will no doubt increase in voracity in the run up to the EU referendum on June 23) this incident has confirmed two things for me: 1) the importance of context, and 2) the value of the Chambers' non-partisan position on the in-out vote.
"Israel's global media has spread across the world, and its war against the Arabs and Muslims is being carried out with the voracity of sex which it distributes globally.
On the other hand, are we not always too passive before the uncontrollable voracity of people in an epoch that provokes our exhibition by every means?
But, how is that possible, given the voracity of liberal-imperialist countries and the self-interested bourgeoisie?
Due to its high reproductive rate, high voracity, high dispersal rate, and resistance development against insecticides (Yang et al.
Sexual voracity. The second theme that emerged from the narratives in relation to the approved performance of sexualised masculinities, most commonly from the socially excluded young men, was the need to be voracious, to never reject a sexual opportunity.
The voracity with which teenagers now consume online is unprecedented and is something our industries are still getting to grips with.
A disaffected scholar, though a swift witness against his teacher, can never be impartial, and his testimony cannot be entitled to him in full confidence, whatever may be his character or voracity, he cannot under the influence of his strong feeling of prejudice and hostility give a just and correct representation of his teacher or his school.
While I have different theological views than Vines, I am thankful for the voracity with which he tackles this issue.
He was of the view that what Senator Zahid Khan of ANP did for Lower Dir has no precedence in the past and the party would continue to serve its people without any voracity.
The CSL also questions the dual hub strategy anticipated in the agreement and the legal voracity of starting a joint-venture airline between the two entities.