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Synonyms for voraciousness

excessive desire to eat

extreme gluttony

an excessive desire for wealth (usually in large amounts)

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(6) Any format, formulation, or concept about ecology in Latin America (as well as Africa and Asia) needs to face the question of property and its orderings as structuring mechanisms of inequality and voraciousness that destroy lives--human lives and the lives of all living beings.
Its voraciousness destroyed the very things conservatives hold most dear, he argued, ultimately producing the same destructive tendencies in white working-class suburbs like Levittown that residents previously associated with the inner city.
Brown, from down under in Australia, represents the deeply buried voraciousness in Jim's psyche, and Brown's intentions seem complex rather than simplistic: "The others were merely vulgar and greedy brutes, but he seemed moved by some complex intention.
THE voraciousness of the Islamic State's ( IS) body shoppers to push more cannon fodder into the war theatre's furnace hasn't dissipated, Indian intelligence has discovered.
5) undermine and question these romantic visual tropes of animal representation, and the role of such images in a global culture that is consuming animals and nature with frenzied voraciousness. Daniel Naude's photographs of animals give and take away.
(1) The voraciousness with which audiences consumed Psycho came as a surprise not only to his industry peers, but even to Hitchcock himself: he once apparently told Anthony Perkins, I've always been able to predict the audience's reaction.
So that one is trying to contain a voraciousness in a very specific, limited, narrowed way.
"They are more valued than valuable, which makes for a potential irony if, in spite of the voraciousness of the current art market, they don't draw the prices that are no doubt hoped for," Soltes said.
(72) In response to the question of what literature can do in the face of climate change and the unsustainable voraciousness of global capital, all these writers have concluded that using the human tools of language and meaning-making to relate to the natural world increases our attentiveness to it and potential for caring for it.
We often fail to fully devour images of horror, fail to approach them with any (analytical or critical) voraciousness, fail even to let them approach us, sitting back instead in passive amusement or reprobation.
The voraciousness and homogenizing force of casino capitalism is incompatible with any viable notion higher education as a public good and "is now inseparable from many other forms of dispossession and social ruin occurring globally." (33)
Her violence and her wildness, for example, are not merely manifestations of a certain mystique, but emerge as perplexing hints at a form of feminine desire that will continue, in its voraciousness rather than its passivity, to resist mastery, explanation, and control.
Thay, who warns that civilisation is at risk of collapse from the environmental and social damage caused by the voraciousness of our economic system, offers an alternative vision that focuses on true happiness, which he believes we have sacrificed on the altar of materialism.
The American voraciousness for intelligence has implications for us in the UK.
There are other indications of Bloom's femininity and voraciousness in "Circe." When he leans over drunken Stephen, he is described as "Black Panther.