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Synonyms for voracious

Synonyms for voracious

wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume

desiring or craving food

having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Synonyms for voracious

excessively greedy and grasping

Related Words

devouring or craving food in great quantities

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Her blog blossomed from her literary supper club, and Voracious is likely to affect your own reading, making fictional meals suddenly jump into prominence.
Because while the legendary team that Howard Kendall constructed in the mid-80s was beautifully balanced - it also had a voracious appetite for hard-work.
Crumbling cloisters and gargoyles Towers from whence poured blazing oils Battlements and parapets Ramparts and torture pits Monuments to medieval toils; Murky moats and drawbridges Solid iron portcullises The keep a sturdy stronghold A bastion of knights of old Monuments to Monarchs' avidities; Tumbling turrets and buttresses Powdering falling fortresses Echoes of the past Dynasties destined never to last Monuments to voracious vanities; Your walls tell tales of travesties Of torture and of anarchies Shrouded in mystery Days consigned to history Monuments to avarice.
A RECENT TV programme revealed that despite the banking collapse and gover nment overtures to the financial sector to be more frugal, the greed of bankers remains as voracious as ever.
THE seasonal rash of stories about the scarcity of berried holly and the voracious appetites of flocks of migrating redwings and fieldfares, has been a reminder of how important wild berries and hedgerows are for wildlife.
For as long as he can hold out against the inevitable, he traces the course of his life while spinning a feverish narrative that exposes his voracious will to live.
March believes that when ash trees try to defend themselves against the beetles, their metabolism changes to produce defensive compounds that, alas, attract the beetles leading to more voracious attacks upon the trees.
Discovery of the voracious predatory fossil frog is significant in that it may provide direct evidence of a one-time land connection between Madagascar and South America that did not involve Africa.
He said: "This frog was quite voracious. It's conceivable it could have taken down hatchling dinosaurs."
Dear Editor, Despite my voracious appetite for Post coverage on rail chaos across our region, I wonder, am I missing something?
(The figure rises to seven books if adults who have not read any books are excluded.) Not surprisingly, some groups are more voracious readers than others: women read more than men, people over the age of 50 read more than younger adults, and college graduates read more than the less educated.
It is not to play a never-ending game of "house," with 37-year old Billy playing the voracious, unemployable baby.
The author devotes chapters to the hippos' unique lifestyle and the effect of their massive size (often as much as 6,000 pounds) and voracious appetites on the environment, which scientists used to see as detrimental and are now recognizing as beneficial.
But soon Westgate House will be gnawed away from within by a group of voracious robots eager to do a disapproving public's bidding.
Davis is a voracious reader who subscribes to 11 magazines, and loves the beach.