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a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti)

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fetishism and voodooist ceremonies to evoke natural spirits and demand
You can imagine what it means when you can hear people saying Haitians have AIDS besides being black, besides being illiterate, besides being Satanist and Voodooist .
The voodooist must consult with these loa before embarking on any serious activity.
I had sat there, holding a church fan in my hands, wondering what to do with it and if it would save me from the sin of believing that a voodooist, a trickster who had become my sin, led me into it like a drawn out dream of my own death.
These would be referred to by different names such as traditional healers, spiritualists, spiritual healers, fortune tellers, astrologers, diviners, prophets, witchdoctors, herbalists, voodooists, etc.