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Synonyms for voodooism

a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti)

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subject heading from Voodooism to Vodou in October 2012.
Because of the Dominican Republic's proximity to Haiti, where voodooism is practiced, owls are treated like witches or as very bad news.We want to reverse that mentality."
On the basis of this, Reed offers Voodooism as an alternative paradigm to Western logocentrism.
Onetime poster boy for "extreme" Hong Kong cinema, writer-helmer Herman Yau ("The Untold Story") serves up a feast of contempo voodooism and Buddhist balderdash in "Gong Tau," reviving the dormant spirit of early '90s Hong Kong exploitationers in a slicker 21st-century package.
When they get the opportunity to broadcast, the result is flabbergasting: the other week a Christian minister devoted the whole three minutes of his Thought for the Day to a defense of voodooism. Thought for the Day is regularly used by Anglican bishops and parsons to denigrate the very tradition that has given them their status.