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Synonyms for voodooism

a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti)

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On the basis of this, Reed offers Voodooism as an alternative paradigm to Western logocentrism.
Onetime poster boy for "extreme" Hong Kong cinema, writer-helmer Herman Yau ("The Untold Story") serves up a feast of contempo voodooism and Buddhist balderdash in "Gong Tau," reviving the dormant spirit of early '90s Hong Kong exploitationers in a slicker 21st-century package.
When they get the opportunity to broadcast, the result is flabbergasting: the other week a Christian minister devoted the whole three minutes of his Thought for the Day to a defense of voodooism.
Inspired by a colonial propaganda machine Committed to preserving white power, stories with titles like "Murder by the Mau Maus: Kenya Natives Use Violence and Voodooism to Terrorize the British" (Life, 3 November 1952) featured savage terrorists who hacked their victims to death and drank their blood.