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United States film maker (born in Austria) whose films made Marlene Dietrich an international star (1894-1969)

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| Clockwise from above, the crashed Heinkel bomber Earlswood; Fritz Muhn, who died in the crash; Muhn's nephew Alfred Moos (left) with historian Steve Richards; Steve's book The Lufwaffe Over Brum; Ruhle, Muhn, von Sternberg and Budde, the crew of the crashed Heinkel; and the scrap silk that sparked the furore
Johann Speck von Sternberg was a specialist in "pirat" operations and, moments before take-off, told his men the intended target was Birmetals.
The autocratic Josef von Sternberg had met Marlene Dietrich, then 28, in Germany the previous year when he was looking for a star for his new movie.
Dietrich's success in silent pictures grew until 1929, when she met movie auteur Josef von Sternberg. He cast her in that year's hit film The Blue Angel, an early talking picture.
DeMille and the edgy melodramas of Josef von Sternberg, the result is deeply nostalgic and somewhat doleful.
"World Lupus Day has special meaning to the film's wonderful fans, and as such we wanted to do something special to help recognize this noteworthy day," said Mark von Sternberg, Love Simple's director.
A straight drinking pal of Gide and Wilde, author of more mainstream works like The Woman and the Puppet (adapted to film by both von Sternberg and Bunuel), Louys labored away throughout his lifetime at so much elegantly refined smut (the delicately obscene was his stock in trade) that it was ultimately best measured by the tonnage--nine hundred pounds' worth, according to his biographers.
You think I'm overrating von Sternberg? Sarris was asking me.
Von Sternberg's film takes particular interest in this fictional performer, her Tingeltangel and the community that surrounds it.
Their sheer CinemaScopic polish aside, the photogtaphs in Crewdson's series "Beneath the Roses," 2004-2007, a large selection of which made up this exhibition, suggest in their extraordinary lighting the work of a present-day Josef von Sternberg. But, unlike Sternberg, who cobbled together perfectly lit mise-en-scenes of a generic Morocco or Spain for Marlene Dietrich vehicles, Crewdson creates perfectly lit, fictive portraits of blue-collar New England towns--in this instance, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, although it could be, really, any number of places where, long ago, the wooden frame house gave way to cinder block and aluminum siding.
The decor is modulated in lilac tones--her favorite color--and an original portrait by Joseph von Sternberg of his muse hangs in the living room.
But as a TSA spokeswoman told reporter Bob von Sternberg, the agency won't provide a comprehensive list of these items, nor reveal how often such mistakes are made, out of fear that doing so "would give a road map to the bad guys."