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German field marshal in World War II who directed the conquest of Poland and led the Ardennes counteroffensive (1875-1953)

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Some have placed the blame for the idea upon General von Rundstedt, but Rundstedt told Major Milton Shulman, a Canadian intelligence officer, after the war that it was not his decision: "My hands were tied by direct orders from Hitler himself.
Captured after the war, von Rundstedt was interrogated to determine, among other things, how successful the Allies had been in thwarting the German military.
General Thompson also shows that it was the German High Command, especially von Rundstedt, and not Hitler, who made their fatal decision to weaken the pursuit of the defeated Allies to Dunkirk.
There are some slips: The Soviet tank was the T-34, not T-4, which refers to the code of the Nazi "euthanasia" campaign; the German Army of World War I was the Kaiserheer, not the Wehrmacht; the German Field Marshal was Gerd von Rundstedt, not Karl von Rundstet, and so forth.
Uebershar, Vogel, and Goda show that numerous officers (Erich von Manstein, Gerd von Rundstedt, Gunther von Kluge, and Hans Guderian, to name a few) who later claimed that their sense of duty and honor had precluded their joining the anti-Hitler conspiracy accepted large, covert monetary gifts from the fuhrer.
But only Rommel joins the ranks as a great captain, because von Rundstedt allowed his personal loyalty to Hitler to override his other soldierly obligations.
Among them was Field Marshal von Rundstedt, who attended church in Bridgend and sometimes took afternoon tea with the vicar - after, it was said, delivering milk in the town.
Not since Pearl Harbor had the Americans received so rude a shock as when the dawn of December 16, 1944 was broken by the thunder of a thousand German guns, heralding the onslaught of what the Germans called "The von Rundstedt Offensive," named after their commanding officer on the Western Front.
What happened to the US commanders in Hawaii, General Walter Short and Admiral Husband Kimmel, after they were fired in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor--or, for that matter, General Gerd von Rundstedt after his failure to fend off the Allied Normandy Invasion?
The front page also recorded that General Von Rundstedt had been captured by the Allies and that the last `All Clear' had sounded.
When Field Marshall Gerd von Rundstedt asked for two armor divisions as reinforcements against the Allied airborne assault, the request was delayed until it could be approved by the Fuhrer himself.
After this episode, Island Farm was upgraded to hold some of Hitler's most senior generals, including a number of SS officers and Field Marshal Gerd Von Rundstedt, who was behind plans to assassinate the Fuhrer.
The topics given more than a little attention include the dispute between Erwin Rommel and Gerd von Rundstedt, nominal commander of the Western Front, on how best to defend the Atlantic Wall; the plot to assassinate Hitler, Rommel's association with it, and the effect it had on how the German army fought in Normandy; and the paralysis of command on the German Western Front brought about by Hitler's meddling in what should have been the theater commanders' purview.
Montgomery's maddening insistence that everything was going precisely according to plan was not intended to enlighten the Middle West; it was meant to confuse von Rundstedt, Rommel, von Kluge, by indicating to them that their efforts at counter-attack had not disturbed his own balance.
Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt, his son Hans Gerd, Generaloberst Gothard Heinrici and Oberst (Colonel) Kai von Beseler, among others.