von Neumann machine

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any digital computer incorporating the ideas of stored programs and serial counters that were proposed in 1946 by von Neumann and his colleagues

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The papers described the von Neumann machine, a structure which is, with small modifications, the one still used in virtually all modern computers."
The objective here has therefore been to develop a model for the computation of relative performance that can be used to compute that value for any von Neumann machine based on readily available data on CPU characteristics.
Whenever and however neuromorphic chips are finally used, it will most likely be in collaboration with von Neumann machines. Numbers will still need to be crunched, and even in systems faced with problems such as analyzing images, it will be easier and more efficient to have a conventional computer in command.
"Von Neumann Machines" -- self-replicating robots -- could explore and colonize the galaxy and report back to us.