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United States mathematician who contributed to the development of atom bombs and of stored-program digital computers (1903-1957)

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(40) Kurz and Salvadori referred to Nichaolas Kaldor, "Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth," in The Theory of Capital, eds., Freidrich August Lutz and Douglas Hague (London: Macmillan, 1961); Michio Morishima, Marx's Economics: A Dual Theory of Value and Growth (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1973); and, Richard Goodwin, "Swinging Along the Turnpike with von Neumann and Sraffa," Cambridge Journal of Economics 10 (September 1986):203-10.
With the theme `Circular Causal and Feedback Mechanisms in Biological and Social Systems,' these meetings were famously attended by luminaries such as anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson (who were then married), mathematician and computer scientist John von Neumann, and mathematical polymath Norbert Wiener, whose `Cybernetics' pulled together much debate into one unifying theme.
When we say that von Neumann was able to "solve" a game, what we mean is that he was able to characterize each player's "winning strategy" or, in other words, how each player intended to play the game.
Barrett gives a very thorough account of what he takes to be von Neumann's interpretation of quantum mechanics.
The Universal Computer tells this story in eight chapters, each concentrating on a key figure in the story: Leibniz, Boole, Frege, Cantor, Hilbert, Godel, Turing, and von Neumann. Some of those names will be familiar to any educated person; some have even escaped into the larger culture.
Travel with Detective von Neumann as he leaves no clue unturned, from shepherds' huts in the Pyrenees to secret societies in the cafes of Paris, from the hidden codes in the music of the stones to the grisly discoveries in Finite Fields.
These are based on von Neumann computing architecture that comprises of separated memory and computing units.
The text also shows how the von Neumann infinite tensor product of Hilbert spaces is involved in unitary representations of infinite-dimensional groups.
[Stapp 2017] What follows in this never-ending game of 20 questions is a succession of Yes/No questions and answers, along the lines of John Von Neumann's two-process approach, in accordance with a movable Heisenberg cut.
In fact, the mathematics of Von Neumann's game theory suggests Saud Arabia, Iraq and Russia will all seek to produce and export as much as they can, to monetise reserves before demand for black gold shrinks over the next decade.
Also joining as an honorary fellow is Professor Sir Vaughan FR Jones, a mathematician, known for his work on von Neumann algebras and knot polynomials.
Indeed, a small but influential cult touts the Hungarian-American mathematician John von Neumann's "singularity" theory.
Sutherland holds the 1988 ACM Turing Award, the 2012 Kyoto Prize and the IEEE Von Neumann Award.