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German statesman under whose leadership Germany was united (1815-1898)

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In 1883, Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck of Germany had a problem.
Speaking to me last night, she a id: "As s Otto von Bismarck socialists we oppose pushing up the retirement age.
BPCM founders Carrie Ellen Philips and Vanessa von Bismarck, will continue to be based in New York and will work alongside Julian to grow ModusBPCM.
Laws and sausages, Otto von Bismarck said, are two things people should not see being made, and the tax break sausage could not have been made without a couple of pieces of political roadkill.
In 1884, Prince Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany, instituted the first modern program of socialized medicine.
Otto von Bismarck advised never to believe anything in politics until it is officially denied.
Doosan Portable Power wears the equally if not more enobled mantle of Ingersoll Rand's air compressor history, which dates back to 1871 - the same year Otto von Bismarck became the chancellor of Germany and The Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria, or, for the sake of another industry example, tyre and part company Continental AG was also founded.
BORN CLARENCE Seedorf, Dutch footballer, 1976 OTTO Von Bismarck, German statesman, 1815 ALI MacGraw, US actress, 1939, above DIED SCOTT Joplin, US ragtime composer, 1917 MARVIN Gaye, US soul singer, 1984, above JOHN Forsythe, US actor, 2010
Kate, 42, and Jamie split last year and she's now dating toyboy Nikolai von Bismarck, 28.
In 1862, Otto von Bismarck was appointed chancellor of Prussia and set about harnessing the new Germanic nationalism for its own purposes, so that Prussia would become the preeminent German state.
For example, the earlier Kulturkampf of Otto von Bismarck was still widely recalled with fear by German Catholics in the 1920s, since large numbers had been deprived of pastoral care and the sacraments.
In the late-nineteenth century, German chancellor Otto von Bismarck created what we now call the welfare state, mainly for universal health care and old age pensions.
But FDR didn't come up with that idea; the retirement age of 65 was first established in Germany under Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who set it as a mandatory retirement age for railroad workers, primarily for safety reasons.
As Otto von Bismarck, Merkel's 19th-century predecessor, observed, blood and iron are decisive in international affairs.