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the matter ejected in vomiting

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The 2 nurses who had been categorized as being at high risk after the study interview was conducted were the 1 possibly exposed to profuse vomitus on mucous membranes and the 1 possibly exposed to droplets of saliva on her face after the index patient coughed.
Women with medical conditions potentially influencing outcome measures (nausea, vomitus, and hypotension) were excluded: diabetes, preexisting hypertension, preeclampsia, gestational hypertension, and known gastrointestinal diseases.
He did not have associated abdominal pain, abdominal distention, pedal edema, passage of black tarry stool, bloody vomitus, fever, or rash.
Additionally, respiratory depression, sedation, somnolence, nausea, vomitus, circulatory collapse, and distinct miosis have been reported.
However, more adverse events were reported under empagliflozin: 6 versus 2 participants required pain medication against headache, 2 versus none suffered from acute vomitus, and 1 participant had acute transient hypoglycaemia of 2.7 mmol/l.
Laboratory results received on seven rafters who were Idaho residents confirmed detection of Giardia in stool (n = 4), norovirus in stool (n = 2), and vomitus (n = 1).
It is partly responsible for the color of vomitus and stool.
He presented with massive amount of blood in vomitus. His CMV status was negative.
A key component is the release of 'biological vomitus'; bioactive molecules from platelets which, importantly, includes the mitogenic and angiogenic factors.
pylori was then isolated from extra-gastric regions such as tonsillar and adenoid tissues (2), saliva, feces, vomitus (15), and dental plaque (16).
He was nauseated and had vomited watery-brown vomitus five times prior to admission.
Disadvantages of this technique are that the oropharynx can get crowded with the two endotracheal tubes, particularly with abnormal anatomy, and that an airway with copious amounts of blood or vomitus would impair the view of the video laryngoscope during the endotracheal tube exchange.
aureus strain H4 (penicillin-resistant) was isolated from vomitus of hospitalized patient associated with food poisoning in Chongqing, China [13].
For the purpose of this investigation, a family contact was defined as a person who resided in the same household as the index patient or had direct contact with his body fluids (i.e., tears, conjunctival discharge, saliva, vomitus, urine, or stool) during the period when he was most likely viremic, including a few days before his illness onset and until his death.