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an entrance to an amphitheater or stadium

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A total of approximately 80,000 cfm (37.8 [m.sup.3]/s) and 60,000 cfm (28.3 [m.sup.3]/s) is supplied via the upper and lower concourses, respectively, and enters the arena bowl via the vomitory openings.
Vomitory Cataract or Fountain, applies more to the mere source than the whole river: these exceptions are the Senge Khabap, i.e.
But I must admit I was nonplussed, flummoxed and even a shade discombobulated when I examined a ticket for Coventry City's debut match at the Ricoh Arena next week and discovered that it not only carries details of the turnstile, stand, block, row and seat in question but also the number of the designated vomitory.
His "final hypothesis" about this novel is that it "drives male readers to distraction by making them envision the vomitory `mother' that it also forces them to eat--to like--and therefore, to be" (92).
My claim is that it produces that confusion by staging in its mode and content an oral drama of (failed) differentiation, by which the world of visible exteriority turns out once to have been swallowed before being born in a vomitory seizure that tries (but fails) to found a "self" by expelling the thing that the self will call "object." Such an hypothesis needs of course to be elaborated textually.
We burrowed through layers of hell, screwing into the center of the earth, and stumbled suddenly from the vomitory by the ticket window into the garden where it was beginning to rain again.
The trap room was the main thoroughfare for actors and technicians to circumnavigate the stage's vomitory entrances and served as access to production work areas.
That could be the only explanation for the use of the word "vomitory" rather than entrance or exit.