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Synonyms for volume

Synonyms for volume

a printed and bound work


an issue of printed material offered for sale or distribution

great extent, amount, or dimension

Synonyms for volume

the property of something that is great in magnitude

a publication that is one of a set of several similar publications

Related Words

a relative amount

the magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction)

References in classic literature ?
Falk" -- the second story in the volume -- offended the delicacy of one critic at least by certain peculiarities of its subject.
I may also add that each of the four stories on their appearance in book form was picked out on various grounds as the "best of the lot" by different critics, who reviewed the volume with a warmth of appreciation and understanding, a sympathetic insight and a friendliness of expression for which I cannot be sufficiently grateful.
Browning has given us the key, and those volumes a delightful gift to our age-record of so much that is richest in the world of things, and men, and their works--all so much the richer by the great intellect, the great imagination, which has made the record, transmuted them into imperishable things of art:--
Pushcart Prize Volume XXXIX (2015) cites for "Special Mention" HEATHER KIRN LANIER'S "Something Borrowed in the Berkeley Hills" (Volume 98, no.
This volume is the most comprehensive, complete and second heaviest (at 3.
The volume then concludes with a separate essay by Bridgett Davis on the making of her independent and ultimately self-distributed film, Naked Acts, a multilayered exploration of the sexual identity of a contemporary Black woman.
In geographic and temporal terms, the majority of the essays in the volume cover the age of new imperialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and Africa and Australasia.
The result: the volume of data that has to be backed up in order to completely protect resources and ensure full recovery and business survivability can be reduced by a factor of 10 to 100.
Today, customers have the choice and flexibility to maximize their storage investments through a SAN virtualization layer using the IBM SAN Volume Controller technology delivered as an appliance, integrated storage solution, or via the SAN fabric using the Cisco MDS 9000 family.
The new volume is part of the acclaimed series, Phase Equilibria Diagrams (known formerly as Phase Diagrams for Ceramists) produced jointly by NIST and ACerS.
The bulk of the essay, though, focuses on the years since the Hale volume was published and suggests the directions recent research has taken and clearly sets out the state of Venetian studies today.
Consisting of five volumes and covering six topic areas: Native American Music, African American Music, British Isles Music, European American Music, Latino American Music and Asian American Music, this scholarly and professionally produced set of hard-back volumes is a deep source of sociologically related musical information about some of the peoples who have contributed to American culture.
While Thiemann's study is one of the first to suggest that heart-attack patients may fare better at busier centers, work over the past decade examining surgical procedures has suggested a relationship between high volume and favorable outcome.
This product line expansion included a higher methyl acrylate offering, AEM-LS, which has reduced volume swell in motor oils and ATF fluid, while sacrificing only 5-6[degrees]C in low temperature properties.
This low level of pricing is inducing sales volume to increase.