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the quality of being facile in speech and writing

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The effect of the wine upon Victor was to change his accustomed volubility into silence.
One more remark,' proceeded Flora with unslackened volubility, 'I wish to make, one more explanation I wish to offer, for five days I had a cold in the head from crying which I passed entirely in the back drawing-room--there is the back drawing-room still on the first floor and still at the back of the house to confirm my words--when that dreary period had passed a lull succeeded years rolled on and Mr F.
She turned on at once the tap of her volubility and I was not surprised to learn that the grandee had not done such an extraordinary thing as to call upon me in person.
Our experiences in Europe have taught us that in time this fatigue will be forgotten; the heat will be forgotten; the thirst, the tiresome volubility of the guide, the persecutions of the beggars--and then, all that will be left will be pleasant memories of Jerusalem, memories we shall call up with always increasing interest as the years go by, memories which some day will become all beautiful when the last annoyance that incumbers them shall have faded out of our minds never again to return.
Your royal highness," said Montalais, with volubility, "is kind enough to think of this lottery, and - "
Miss Swartz, I love Amelia, and we've been engaged almost all our lives," Osborne said to his partner; and during all the dinner, George rattled on with a volubility which surprised himself, and made his father doubly nervous for the fight which was to take place as soon as the ladies were gone.
But as one o'clock, the hour for going aboard, drew near, this volubility dwindled away by little and little, despite the most persevering efforts to the contrary, until at last, the matter being now quite desperate, we threw off all disguise; openly speculated upon where we should be this time to- morrow, this time next day, and so forth; and entrusted a vast number of messages to those who intended returning to town that night, which were to be delivered at home and elsewhere without fail, within the very shortest possible space of time after the arrival of the railway train at Euston Square.
Having delivered these ironical passages with a most wonderful volubility, and with a shrillness perfectly deafening (especially when she jerked out the interjections), Miss Miggs, from mere habit, and not because weeping was at all appropriate to the occasion, which was one of triumph, concluded by bursting into a flood of tears, and calling in an impassioned manner on the name of Simmuns.
Their topics include the impact of parent communication patterns on infant volubility during play with books, on the weight of phones in computing phonological word proximity, bilingual speech assessment for Maltese children, language impairment in 22q11.
Some critics offer sympathetic readings of Marcus' inappropriate volubility in this speech.
Those who favour "preserving the taste of Penang hawker food" need to keep this characteristic of volubility in mind, as hawker food evolves with changing tastes and environmental and economic considerations.
Implicitly, it is the confusing "noise" of speech that Thomas Sprat denounces in his History of the Royal Society: "this vicious abundance of Phrase, this trick of Metaphors, this volubility of Tongue, which makes so great a noise in the World" (History of the Royal Society, 112).
293) The role of the United States as an increasingly involved outside power, moreover, has likely contributed to the volubility of confrontational rhetoric and to the risk of a more widespread conflagration.
As Terese Thonus has noted, when working with non-native speakers of English, tutors exhibited "fewer overlaps, less laughter and greater volubility, creating an uneven distribution of talk" resulting in a "tutorial [that] exhibits the transactional nature of a service encounter rather than a conversation" (237).