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Synonyms for volte-face

a major change in attitude or principle or point of view

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Rehman Malik makes volte-face on policy he introduced as interior minister
Photographer Oliver Curtis' exhibit Volte-face ("about turn") interacts with iconic landmarks--only his images capture what's found in the opposite direction.
That would certainly avoid the spectacle of having do a volte-face in another case with the same issues.
Instead of wasting time on discussing the report published in a foreign magazine and mourning the US volte-face on the Middle East and criticizing Obama for ditching US' Gulf partners, the Arab intelligentsia should come up with constructive suggestions for their leaders to move forward.
A volte-face like this has the power to turn this election success into something far greater, and to transform Iran into a source of peace, stability and cooperation.
Critics called it a volte-face to his January's statement in which he hailed Gen Sharif's decision.
Contracts in football fall some way short of a commitment to permanence but a three-week volte-face would be extraordinary even by Delphian standards.
But revealing his dramatic volte-face, Mr McDonnell said: "We will underline our position as an antiausterity party by voting against the charter."
What would have been left of that word after an Iranian volte-face " to follow the Syrian volte-face and ongoing debacle " would have been meager indeed.
Pour l'homme fort de l'OM la volte-face de son coach est incomprehensible et il a surtout du mal a saisir ce qui a fait capoter l'accord qu'il a passe avec lui pour la poursuite de leur collaboration commune : [beaucoup moins que] J'ai, ce soir, du mal a comprendre comment une simple reunion, mercredi, sur des details techniques de ce contrat avec l'avocat de l'actionnaire et mon directeur general, puisse etre a l'origine de ce depart precipite, alors que tous ses souhaits avaient ete exauces.
But the four-yearold's owner, Sheikh Joaan Al Thani, has undergone a dramatic volte-face, with Treve to continue racing in 2015 with a view to a historic tilt at winning Europe's premier race a third time.
Tyagi said Monday that it is the habit of the BJP to first create communal flare ups through their speeches, and then do a volte-face to get into the public's mind space.
Ila explique, sur Mosaique fm, que les solutions presentees, samedi, sont des solutions [beaucoup moins que] prefabriquees [beaucoup plus grand que] et de caractere bilateral entre le Quartet et le mouvement Ennahdha qui cherchait des garanties contre une eventuelle volte-face du prochain gouvernement sitot investi de ses pouvoirs.