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Synonyms for voicing

the use of the speech organs to produce sounds

Words related to voicing

the act of adjusting an organ pipe (or wind instrument) so that it conforms to the standards of tone and pitch and color

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The following techniques are reviewed: seating, hand and finger positions, drills, isometrics, stretching, playing trills, scales and arpeggios, chord voicing, Alberti bass and slurs.
Voicing is sometimes of such poor quality in URLNP that detection of the F0, and thus stroboscopy, is impossible.
In a sense, his voicing of the subaltern--both as a member of that class and as someone who has "progressed" beyond it--to some degree counteracts the privileging of standard/bourgeois speech that the general trajectory of his life seems to imply.
Breth suggests such things as a week's score of metronome practice, practicing in rhythms, chord voicing, jumps, counting and trill drills, and relaxation.
By voicing Janie's responses to the oppressive conditions of each subsequent marriage, Hurston exposes underlying conflicts between prescribed beliefs and what she knows to be true from her own experience.