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a computerized system for answering and routing telephone calls


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In Spiegel and Tavor's model, only one of the two parties has voice mail services available.
Institutions can capitalize on the opportunity to grow revenue for new student services that go beyond voice mail.
Keep a pad and pen within reach to take accurate, organized notes from voice mail messages as soon as you hear them.
The called party completes a call to his/her voice mail system to check for messages.
Confidentiality -- Voice mail typically increases employees' sense of privacy and security.
With voice mail, each message occupies a discrete file in your mailbox.
Everyone has been on the client end of voice mail at one time or another.
TELUS' Visual Voice Mail is an enhanced voice-to-screen service that offers clients both the popular voice mail-to-text service and, for the first time in Canada, a highly convenient voice mail-to-email function, which lets customers get their phone messages anywhere in the world that they can access email using smartphones such as BlackBerrys and PDAs, or computers.
The other side of it is that voice mail is, to a large extent, an efficiency tool welcomed by individuals.
According to Chuck Reagan, President and CEO, VoIP Networks, "When we first began our relationship with MedQuist over 10 years ago, they were in need of basic voice mail features like automated attendant and message notification.
For under $200, Home Office Voice Mail lets you run your telephone through your PC to eliminate the single-line bottleneck that occurs when you try to run a phone, fax and Internet connection out of your home office simultaneously.
60 percent of the phone calls placed before voice mail required no response.
A production company with clients that include FOX, NBC, Travel Channel, Lifetime, HGTV, Discovery Channel and the Food Network, Banyan Productions selected AVST's CallXpress in 1997 after searching for an in-house voice mail system to replace its existing Centrex solution.
These days, some people would rather dispense with an answering machine and rely on voice mail for handling calls.
If the recipient is unavailable, the caller can leave a message; jaxtr then notifies the recipient that she received a voice mail and she can listen to it by logging into jaxtr.