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To deliver this functionality to our subscribers, we wanted a partner with expertise in delivering voice communications with a simple, scalable and high quality solution so that we could focus on our core expertise of building game content.
By partnering with these developers, the Vocera System goes beyond voice communication to improve teamwork among caregivers and provide better care for patients.
To monitor and control this high voltage transmission network in the onshore and offshore, a voice communication network is operated and used.
Vivox provides online games, virtual worlds and online communities with managed voice communication services that are simple to integrate and enhance gameplay and community.
an international developer and marketer of office voice communications and messaging solutions for multimedia and workgroup computing, today introduced the VocalChat WAN system.
Alango also provides complete, "ready to manufacture" reference product designs for hands-free car kits, office speakerphones and other voice communication products.
These improvements result in clear, crisp voice communications when making calls from a PC to a phone.
Vivox provides online games with managed voice communication services that are simple to integrate and enhance gameplay and community.
Novel Technology Enables Intelligible Voice Communications in Harsh Noise Environments
TSE: 6703) today announced it has added "My eSound[TM]" to "eSound[TM](1) Engine," Oki's software engine, to enable high quality voice communication over IP networks.
Vivox, a leader in integrated online voice communications, today announced that it will give away one million free phone minutes and distribute group chat "microphones" to residents of Second Life.
announced today that Icarus' highly anticipated massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) Fallen Earth(TM) will include on-demand, in-game voice communication as the result of a technology integration agreement between the two companies.
com/reports/c40384) has announced the addition of Voice Communication Equipment - Global Strategic Business Report to their offering.
ReachComm is a reliable two-way wireless voice communication solution targeting the applications in significantly challenged radio frequency communication environments.
An award-winning provider of free and premium Internet video and voice communications, SightSpeed delivers video and voice services over IP, VoIP and IM messaging; advanced community features including a new public directory and offers users an easy-to-use video messaging platform that provides them the ability to record and post original user-generated content to blogs and websites.