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Two days after being admitted to Monklands, Janet had emergency surgery to trim part of her voice box to help her breathe.
As you exhale (right), your diaphragm springs back to its dome shape and drives air out of your lungs, through your voice box, and out your mouth and nose.
Dee's mother Vi Friday, of Abbey Road, Whitley, said: "This voice box is marvellous.
Drinking too much alcohol over time increases your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, voice box (larynx), food pipe and liver.
Kelly, from Linlithgow, has been left disabled and speaks with the aid of a voice box.
When its signals were fed to a computer model of a bird's voice box, the result was an authentic sounding bird song.
When you speak, sound waves form from air traveling through the larynx (voice box), vibrating at the vocal cords (small muscular folds), and then resonating (echoing) in the vocal tract (mouth, cheeks, tongue, teeth, and lips).
85, No.5) that when a sound wave hits a frog's side, it can travel through the airfilled lungs, up through the voice box, into the eustachian tubes and on to the eardrum.
A campaign has begun to buy a voice box for Andrew Buckley, aged 18, a student at Sherbourne Fields special school, who is severely disabled and unable to speak.
Testosterone triggers your larynx, or voice box, to grow at age 11 or 12.
But the cancer returned and surgeons had to remove his tongue and voice box.
Andrew Sheppard and Sophie Taylor from Avon Studios in Kineton Road took part in the fundraising towards a pounds 10,000 goal for a computerised voice box for a boy suffering from cerebral palsy.
Here's what we do have in common with Mariah: Whenever we sing--or speak--the sound comes from our vocal cords, leathery folds of tissue inside the voice box, or larynx, in the throat.
Sunderland schemes include one aimed at people who have had their voice box removed and the other to provide better urgent care to those with long-term health conditions.
A SUPPORT group for people who have had their voice box removed has bought a bench for a city hospital's remembrance garden.