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martini made with vodka rather than gin

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I am always on the look out for new regions, countries and re-visiting others that seem to be in my dark, distant wine tasting pastHaving read every Ian Fleming novel and watched every film many, many times - well, Octopussy a couple of times - I have an obvious love of his signature drink, the vodka martini shaken not stirred
Vodka Martinis still have a great following, and some cocktail-centric bars have yielded to that lasting desire by offering them with a more flavorful twist.
And while they did not drink vodka martini they both enjoyed a glass of Scotch together.
The hotel bar is offering a handcrafted Imperia Vodka Martini decorated with 24K gold leaf for USD50.
Sip on a vodka martini, dine on a four-course dinner and enjoy the entertainment of Cathy Battitessa - the voice of Cafe Del Mar.
After all, James Bond's favourite drink - vodka martini - is not exactly British either.
That tart Grey Goose apple vodka martini with its six-ounce pour costs $15.
Sipping a vodka martini may not be your idea of a counterculture gathering, but Luna, 30 E.
Visitors will be able to learn how to play Bond's favourite gambling game, Bacarrat, vote in a poll for their favourite Bond and learn how to mix a Vodka Martini.
PRINCE V BOND FAVOURITE CAR: Aston Martin FAVOURITE TIPPLE: Laphroaig whisky FAVOURITE WOMAN: Camilla BEST FRIENDS: His organically-grown delphiniums FAVOURITE WEAPON: 12-bore shotgun KILLS: Numerous grouse, partridges, pheasants, assorted wildfowl and the odd stag d FAVOURITE CAR: Aston Martin FAVOURITE TIPPLE: Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred FAVOURITE WOMAN: Pussy Galore BEST FRIEND: CIA operative Felix Leiter FAVOURITE WEAPON: Walther PPK pistol KILLS: Numerous international spies, terrorists, criminal masterminds and henchmen LIVE & LET DAI Prince of Wales and Daniel Craig pose with the movies' motors
The menu includes: | ICEPA - a Mr Whippy beer poured out of a classic bar pump into a pork scratching cone | The Jager Bombe - a grown up twist on the classic ice cream bombe | Bacon and Bourbon - bacon flavoured ice cream with a crispy bacon garnish and shot of bourbon | Vodka Martini - vodka sorbet with olive hundreds and thousands | Tequila Sorbet - tequila flavoured sorbet in a martini glass.
For a vodka martini - shaken not stirred - it is 80ml Belvedere, 10ml dry vermouth and a twist of lemon.
CDry, yet soothingly delicious and served with a tantalising lemon twist, this is a vodka martini created by Opus.
Actually, it was the "shaken not stirred" vodka martini popularized by the 1962 James Bond film "Dr.
"We went in with an open mind," Ringle wrote, "but our quartet was kicked out after pointing out bugs in not one, not two, but three versions of one simple vodka martini." Ringle said that Kress had ordered a vodka martini on the rocks with a twist of lemon, but had to repeat the order several times to their waitress, who apologized and informed them that she didn't drink.