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martini made with vodka rather than gin

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Vodka Martinis still have a great following, and some cocktail-centric bars have yielded to that lasting desire by offering them with a more flavorful twist.
CDry, yet soothingly delicious and served with a tantalising lemon twist, this is a vodka martini created by Opus.
Sip on a vodka martini, dine on a four-course dinner and enjoy the entertainment of Cathy Battitessa - the voice of Cafe Del Mar.
After all, James Bond's favourite drink - vodka martini - is not exactly British either.
A vodka martini is treated differently than gin,'' she points out.
That tart Grey Goose apple vodka martini with its six-ounce pour costs $15.
Sipping a vodka martini may not be your idea of a counterculture gathering, but Luna, 30 E.
Visitors will be able to learn how to play Bond's favourite gambling game, Bacarrat, vote in a poll for their favourite Bond and learn how to mix a Vodka Martini.
Made with carefully selected potatoes, the premium vodka has a creamy taste with fragrant notes of freshly cracked black peppercorns, and has been designed as the ideal base for the perfect vodka martini.
The menu includes: | ICEPA - a Mr Whippy beer poured out of a classic bar pump into a pork scratching cone | The Jager Bombe - a grown up twist on the classic ice cream bombe | Bacon and Bourbon - bacon flavoured ice cream with a crispy bacon garnish and shot of bourbon | Vodka Martini - vodka sorbet with olive hundreds and thousands | Tequila Sorbet - tequila flavoured sorbet in a martini glass.
As might be expected, Vodkateur Nicola has definite opinions on the Vodka Martini.
For a vodka martini - shaken not stirred - it is 80ml Belvedere, 10ml dry vermouth and a twist of lemon.
Mellow and easy on the palate, Russia's bestselling 'super-premium' vodka can be sipped straight to appreciate the subtle malty note, sweetness and harmonious mouthfeel, and also makes a truly superb choice for those fond of a vodka martini.
Actually, it was the "shaken not stirred" vodka martini popularized by the 1962 James Bond film "Dr.
Ringle said that Kress had ordered a vodka martini on the rocks with a twist of lemon, but had to repeat the order several times to their waitress, who apologized and informed them that she didn't drink.