vocational education

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training for a specific vocation in industry or agriculture or trade

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education and training of teachers of vocational education.
The UAE currently has a number of vocational education courses and certifications, including those offered by the Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute and the National Institute for Vocational Education, but experts said that they only provide training in a limited number of fields.
He was a member of a study group that met in the early 1990s to contemplate the future of vocational education in the city.
The German envoy said the figures showed Afghanistan had made giant strides in the area of vocational education, saying his country would continue to assist the Afghan sector, but did not go into details.
The Ministry issued an executive order on the national vocational education qualifications framework in September 2012 and a pilot on national vocational education qualification framework (NVEQF) under the scheme was launched in Haryana across 40 schools in September 2012.
It is disappointing so few parents and teachers see vocational education as being worthwhile when, in fact, both routes result in similar levels of happiness, job satisfaction and financial gain.
The push for vocational education in general schools started in 1964-66, with the Kothari Education Commission advocating a restructuring of the education system and recommending a vocational education stream in schools at higher secondary stage (GoI, 1966).
Adult and Vocational Education Teachers Vocational and adult education is a significant part of this country's system of postsecondary education.
2017 for the following objects Vocational Education Centre of Ministry of Finance 1) The Vocational Education Centre of Ministry of Finance ul.
Dubai: Vocational and technical programme providers in the UAE say convincing parents and students who look down on vocational education in favour of universities, is challenging.
Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi received today a team of experts in technical and vocational education from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) on the occasion of their visit to Bahrain to assess technical and vocational education in the kingdom and propose development programmes.
International Organization for Migration (IOM) and European Union launch 5 new professions in pilot vocational schools within the Towards Improved Vocational Education and Training in Kyrgyzstan project, IOM said on May 2.
It's heartening to hear there may finally be serious legislative consideration of the problems associated with the rising cost of vocational education.
Summary: Experts at an education conference on Thursday stressed on the growing importance of vocational education in the region as a bridge that fills the gap left by traditional higher education, as well as, in contributing to the country's economy.
05 (Saba) -- Yemen and China have reviewed possibilities of signing a technical-cultural agreement in areas of technical and vocational education.
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