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Even dyslexics who have become capable readers rely 'almost entirely on the vocalizer: That makes reading slow and difficult, because they sound out each word one by one.
Nuance Communications (www.nuance.com) has introduced Nuance Vocalizer 5, a next-generation text-to-speech engine.
-- ScanSoft OpenSpeech Recognizer (OSR) 3.0 -- ScanSoft RealSpeak TTS 4.0 -- Nuance Vocalizer TTS 3.0 and 4.0.
As part of the agreement Rhetorical will make rVoice, its product that turns text into natural sounding speech in a range of voices and speaking styles, fully compatible with Nuance's Vocalizer Integration Framework.
Additional features include call holding; acknowledgement voice message reminder; Nuance 8.5 and Vocalizer 4.0 engines; Windows 2003 server; and Active directory MMC snap-in.
VoxSurf's VxOne platform will now be offered alongside the Nuance Voice Platform, as well as Nuance's speech recognition, Nuance Vocalizer, Text to Speech and Nuance Verifier voice authentication engines.
Nuance Communications has launched the Nuance Vocalizer, its new text-to-speech software designed to provide a natural and intelligible voice interface to information and service applications.
Angel.com's solutions will also leverage Nuance's text-to-speech engine, Nuance Vocalizer, which converts text in a data-base into spoken words.
The TR1000 also supports Text to Speech (TTS) systems including Nuance Vocalizer 2.0.
Continuum delivers a "future-proof, state-of-the-art" product suite on an open platform, supporting speech recognition from Nuance (8.5, Verifier 3.5, Vocalizer for Text-to-Speech) to provide recognition accuracy, scalability and robustness.