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  • verb

Synonyms for vocalize

to produce or make (speech sounds)

to express oneself in speech

to utter words or sounds in musical tones

Synonyms for vocalize

utter with vibrating vocal chords

sing (each note a scale or in a melody) with the same vowel


Related Words

express or state clearly

utter speech sounds

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Research has shown that children seem happier while visiting the room, vocalize more, and tend to stay on task in the Snoezelen environment as opposed to their regular environment.
Although some skiers would be sorry to see a private trail system go under, others vocalize the fact that public land is for public use.
She said that now they wanted to adopt short-cut and vocalize the songs without learning classical music.
For the study, cellist and lecturer David Teie at the University of Maryland School of Music composed the two "cat songs" at a higher pitch than human music because cats vocalize an octave higher.
It demonstrates that nonhuman primates can vocalize while lip-smacking to produce speech-like sounds," he added.
I will conclude with some tips to help students vocalize more efficiently, and offer a few sources of vocalises.
Infants vocalize less and their caregivers also speak to them more infrequently.
When they would be in the deepest part of the forest, the gibbons would vocalize.
This book sets an ambitious goal for itself: Explain the complex world of supply chain design by focusing on core business principles (the five "Vs" of velocity, variability, vocalize, visualize, and value) and do so in the context of two fictionalized story lines.
Senior executives with a passion for work/life balance have found creative ways to demonstrate and vocalize their support.
Males do vocalize to generally announce their presence, but then they wait passively for further developments.
Vocalpoint looks for consumers to vocalize their insights, which can be shared with the companies that produce products or offer services, or even shared with their friends and family.
Cats vocalize to communicate a variety of things, from territoriality to locating offspring, and their repertoire of vocalizations is impressive.
While human speech and bird songs are far more complex than the grunts and hoots produced by some fish, the study provides a very basic wiring diagram of how the brain allows vertebrates to vocalize.
In July 2002, at the National Association of Teachers of Singing biennial convention in San Diego, California, information was collected from 103 attendees, who listed the vowels on which they regularly vocalize.