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  • verb

Synonyms for vocalize

to produce or make (speech sounds)

to express oneself in speech

to utter words or sounds in musical tones

Synonyms for vocalize

utter with vibrating vocal chords

sing (each note a scale or in a melody) with the same vowel


Related Words

express or state clearly

utter speech sounds

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As part of the acquisition, Sensory will maintain Vocalize.ai as an independently operated division.
Event organiser and founder of Vocalize, Holly Shahverdi, said: "I have been teaching singing since I was 15.
Instruction should be provided to help students who vocalize or move their lips develop the process of reading silently.
In mammals, piglets isolated in a cold enclosure called more than litter-mates isolated at thermoneutrality (Weary et al., 1997), while some species of rodents vocalize more when isolated at cool air temperatures (Blumberg and Alberts, 1990).
The Vocalize! Wheelchair Cell Phone Voice Control System is a voice-activated cell phone dialer with voice output cell phone caller identification.
The "alt-text," an invisible code embedded beneath graphic images, enables screen access software to detect and vocalize the content of a Web page.
Bishop Richard Smith of Pembroke told the 800 delegates he believed he was speaking for all of Canada's bishops when it came to the 'incredibly important issue' of preserving marriage as the lifelong bond between one man and one woman, where children may best know and be raised by their biological parents." He "urged the League's members to mobilize their 99,000 associates in a grassroots campaign to contact their members of Parliament and vocalize their support for traditional marriage (LSN, Aug.
Executives in today's politically correct environment cannot easily vocalize such opinions in a public forum as they are then equated to be in sympathy, if not in cooperation, with the accused.
Toward the end of "Printed Matter" there is a fifteen-page instruction poem, each page of which directs readers to a particular place in a particular book where they are instructed to make certain editorial changes, ranging from excising and replacing one or two phrases to deleting a period, or to vocalize that portion of text in some definite way, or simply to take note of it.
Hung is a thought-provoking look at an issue that whites and blacks alike have considered but rarely vocalize. The "information" provided within the pages are the author's own views, so caveat emptor--there is little researched data or facts presented herein.
Adults should always help a child vocalize when he or she is uncomfortable with a touch and should never scold a child for these expressions.
One respondent commented: "I give it the sleep-at-night test: If I don't vocalize my opposition, can I sleep at night?"
This book sets out an ambitious goal for itself: Explain the complex world of supply chain design by focusing on core business principles (the five "Vs": velocity, variability, vocalize, visualize, and value) and do so in the context of two fictionalized story lines running in parallel.