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Synonyms for vocalization

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

the use of the speech organs to produce sounds

the act or an instance of expressing in words

Synonyms for vocalization

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At the beginning, children's babbling typically consists of the repetition of a single syllable (reduplicative babbling (2)), but gradually infants manage to combine varying articulatory movements / syllables within the same vocalization (variegated babbling).
No Western Spadefoot Toad vocalizations were recorded at Site A or B; however, vocalizations were recorded at Site C during 63 evenings over the 124-d monitoring period.
Although environmental changes have been shown to affect hens' behavior and vocalization, there is little research identifying the key factors affecting animal welfare of commercial laying hen farms in Korea (Sohn et al.
According to Zepp, vocalization works year-round, though that can vary by location.
Huehnergard makes full use of vocalizations in the grammar, a decision that I applaud wholeheartedly for the same pedagogical and heuristic reasons that he himself offers (p.
Increased vocalization is also frequently observed in cats during mating behavior.
Fagan's research, "Frequency of vocalization before and after cochlear implantation: Dynamic effect of auditory feedback on infant behavior," was published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.
There are whitetail vocalizations I'd heard for years without even recognizing them as such until one day visually witnessing the source and establishing the correlation.
An instance of vocalization was defined as a discrete, vowel-like sound or consonant-vowel sound (e.
5c) were the most commonly detected ribbon seal vocalization, representing 37% of total calls included in repertoire analysis.
After the formation of creches, the vocalization is the main factor of cohesion between the young crocodilian and its pod (group of young of similar age), and their contact with the adults.
Narrow interaural distances permit detection of high frequencies that characterize vocalization by rodents (Hefner and Hefner, 1985; Powell and Zielinkski, 1989).
When the articulatory component of speech begins to assume a greater role than the prosody component in speech development, vocalization can begin to lose some of the multidimensional aspects of vocal play.
Young refers readers to specific audio files when a vocalization is described in the text.