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Synonyms for vocalization

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

the use of the speech organs to produce sounds

the act or an instance of expressing in words

Synonyms for vocalization

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For vocalization intensity evaluation, the grading described by Mans et al (1) was used, in which vocalization of the birds, under restraint, was assessed (normal/screaming, reduced/chattering, or absent).
Although environmental changes have been shown to affect hens' behavior and vocalization, there is little research identifying the key factors affecting animal welfare of commercial laying hen farms in Korea (Sohn et al., 2011; Ahammed and Ohh, 2013; Kim et al., 2013; Sohn et al., 2014; Cheon et al., 2015; Sohn et al., 2015).
The centroid value was estimated using the classification command K-Means with 4657 data points, corresponding to 99.9% of total points within the space of the plane formed by the axes of vocalization/silence (3) (SPSS; the cluster's centroid was vocalization .951 and silence 58.969).
In a paper titled "Coos, booms, and hoots: The evolution of closed-mouth vocal behavior in birds," which will appear in the journal (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/evo.12988/abstract) Evolution in August, the scientists "describe closed-mouth vocalizations of birds from functional and morphological perspectives and assess the distribution of closed-mouth vocalizations in birds and related outgroups.
Vocalization can be a great way to trick that educated coyote that has learned the rabbit call means a human with a rifle.
Thus I would highly recommend the use of Bordreuil and Pardee's A Manual of Ugaritic alongside or after working through Huehnergard in view of the richer chrestomathy they provide (with each text presented with photos, line copies, transliteration, vocalization, translation, and notes), not to mention the independent perspective they lend on the grammar.
Pain has also been implicated as a potential cause of excessive vocalization in cats.
Doe "estrous bleats" have become popular as another effective, non-aggressive vocalization. They're safe to use on both educated and naive deer.
If the infant made a vocalization then a half baby spoon of cereal was delivered by the experimenter.
Key words: ringed seal, bearded seal, ribbon seal, Arctic phocid, call repertoire, seasonality, vocalization, sea ice
Your pooch may produce varying forms of "yelps," "woofs," and "cries" but, to a trained ear like that of Kathryn Lord, visiting assistant professor of biology at Gettysburg (Pa.) College, a bark is a distinct vocalization.
After the formation of creches, the vocalization is the main factor of cohesion between the young crocodilian and its pod (group of young of similar age), and their contact with the adults.
Narrow interaural distances permit detection of high frequencies that characterize vocalization by rodents (Hefner and Hefner, 1985; Powell and Zielinkski, 1989).
When the articulatory component of speech begins to assume a greater role than the prosody component in speech development, vocalization can begin to lose some of the multidimensional aspects of vocal play.