vocal music

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music intended to be performed by one or more singers, usually with instrumental accompaniment


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music that is vocalized (as contrasted with instrumental music)

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Druppel has chosen to keep her descriptions of the vocal music of kwaia (the Tok Pisin term for 'choir') and the vocal-instrumental music of stringband separate to these categories as they appeared for the ancestral music of Kaulong in the book to this point.
It represents a renewal not just of Nordic vocal music, but of score-based vocal music in general.
Cantabile: The London Quartet is considered one of the four legendary groups in vocal music in Britain together with the Swingle Singers, the King's Singers and Hilliard Ensemble.
ANU Malik was once the most successful and most vocal music director, till the Himesh Reshammiyas of the world took over.
Louis), an arranger and composer of vocal music who teaches a course on math and music, examines the interrelationship and commonalties between the two subjects.
Born in Montreal, she started with vocal music lessons at age five, began learning piano at six, and, eleven years later returned to vocal music to become a singer.
The basic ideas of this therapy draw on over twenty years of research and add case studies to the mix of insights on using vocal music therapy.
The Forum on Instrumental and Vocal Music Teaching will launch at the 2010 ISME World Conference in Beijing, China August 1-6, 2010, with sessions throughout the main conference.
This state public high school, which offers advanced programs in dance, literary arts, theatre, visual arts, and vocal music, has turned out impressive graduates since opening in 2003.
The idea is to create and sing new vocal music giving youngsters a chance to explore different ways of using their voices in a fun and relaxed group.
Nellie Hill, the school's vocal music director, uses the curriculum to teach her general music classes for the first three weeks of each quarter and also during enrichment periods.
The most remarkable element of these is the actual sound of the small, evidently authentic organ instrument (the whole CD programme could be heard live--and seen--at last year's Concentus Moraviae); its archaic tuning is something that the ear has to get used to, but it facilitates the path to the "objective" tuning of the vocal music.
Opera synthesizes together all of the lively arts, including orchestral music, dancing, theater and some of the world's most beloved vocal music.
Throughout history, humans have created many different styles of vocal music.
BTec students from Merthyr Tydfil College, Coleg Gwent and Coleg Glan Hafren are taking part in Welsh National Opera's Songlines, a DIY opera project, creating three new pieces of vocal music performance.