vocal music

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music intended to be performed by one or more singers, usually with instrumental accompaniment


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music that is vocalized (as contrasted with instrumental music)

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Likewise, she includes a list of male composers of vocal music excluded from the book, suggesting possible further areas of inquiry.
This volume is highly recommended for performers who want to explore Greek vocal music.
Introduction to Orff-AQ in P/J Vocal Music Part One Monday and Wednesday evenings 5 to 8 pm (AQ candidates complete some additional components) Sept-Dec, 2013, exact dates TBA
Swede sounds: The Santa Lucia Service with Ex Cathedra Academy of Vocal Music. Pictures: Emma Trimble
Through an amalgamate biography of "George", a boy who loves vocal music, Harrison illustrates the feelings of the men he interviewed for the book as well as his own.
Lanchester Male Voice Choir is presenting a Feast of Vocal music in aid of Mercy Ships at 7.30pm tomorrow in Lanchester Methodist Church.
Britten, Voice & Piano: Lectures on the Vocal Music of Benjamin Britten.
For all but a few of those years, he has been joined by fiddler Linda Danielson and guitarist Chico Schwall, adding Celtic instrumental and vocal music to the show.
In addition to an impressive catalogue of orchestral, choral, chamber and vocal music, Britten composed 16 operas, several of which are now acknowledged as 20th-century masterpieces.
"I am delighted to join with MTNA in recognizing the ability of these young people who are the future artists of classical vocal music."
Spring's The Lute in Britain is recommended to scholars who are interested in the history of British instrumental and vocal music.
It's enhanced by stirring South African vocal music and by lush images of clouds and mist over the emblematic Table Mountain at the edge of Cape Town.
Additional anniversary events include Meredith Monk's A Celebration Service, in January: "It incorporates a lot of vocal music from her whole oeuvre/history, as well as readings from different spiritual traditions," says Uprichard.
(1) Through personal interviews with a group of Chinese voice teachers and observation of their studio teaching, it was discovered how the educational system and teaching methods for training Chinese bel canto singers differed from Western vocal music education.