vocal music

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music intended to be performed by one or more singers, usually with instrumental accompaniment


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music that is vocalized (as contrasted with instrumental music)

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Along with Italian bel canto, another important standard in Chinese vocal music education is called [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (yang wei zhong yong), meaning to adapt the principles of Italian bel canto style in accordance with the conceptions of Chinese national singing style for creating typical teaching methods to train Chinese bel canto singers.
Very highly recommended to any collection of Renaissance vocal music.
Divided into two main parts, the book includes in part one an Historical Study of 214 pages in nine chapters detailing the workings and wider context of Scotto's press, followed by a comprehensive catalogue in part two of all of the music prints produced by the Scotto house between 1539 and 1572: polyphonic vocal music, lute tablarures, missals, and a music treatise.
He serves as the minister on staff at the First Missionary Baptist Church of Littlerock and is the vocal music instructor at Antelope Valley High School in Lancaster.
The children's mother, Lisa, an accomplished lyric soprano with a degree in vocal music, provided a musically nurturing environment for the siblings to study piano.
Blending live instrumental and vocal music with acting and dancing, Perfect reenacts an old and sad medieval European theatrical tradition called bouffon.
Members of the public are invited to attend the candlelit Santa Lucia Service, at St Philip's Cathedral, which will feature performers from the Ex Cathedra Academy of Vocal Music.
Entries are separated by category (dance, instrumental and vocal music, theatre, series and festivals, and facilities), and within these alphabetically by state.
Members of the public joined the Ex Cathedra, Academy of Vocal Music and Junior Academy choirs in singing seasonal songs and carols, conducted by Jeffrey Skidmore.
After a historical introduction to the orchestral instruments, Plotkin explores the literature for the symphonic form, piano, orchestral instruments, lieder and vocal music, and choral music.
VALENCIA - CalArts students will perform a concert of contemporary and traditional vocal music ranging from opera to art song to oratorio at 8 p.
There are references to procurement of a book of "tenors," possibly tenors for the performance of basse dances by an alta cappella; to a roster of instrumentalists who could have formed either such an alta cappella or a wind ensemble capable of performing instrumental arrangements of three- or four-part vocal music (181); to the sounding of trumpets as accompaniment to entries and jousts (192); to the use of polyphonic music for the Feast of St.
But the dance, set to Norwegian medieval vocal music that sounds distinctly Asian and wholly ethereal, remains a marvel of imaginative collaboration, as the two women seem to sink their roots into the ground while wahing up toward celestial space, like Sufis gone mountaineering.
The extant vocal music from the eighteenth-century ospedali repertory shows a much greater influence from opera and concerto than from the earlier sacred music styles.
Bernstein composed symphonies, chamber music and vocal music, as well as works for ballet, opera, film and the Broadway musical stage.