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a high official in a Muslim government (especially in the Ottoman Empire)

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His childhood friends were scholar and vizier of the Seljuk Empire, Nizam al-Mulk, and founder of the Assassins Order, Hassan-e Sabbah.
GREAT VIZIER (5.10) can make it four for Elliott at a working man's price.
Aladdin: The New Adventures Cast: Kev Adams, Jamel Debbouze, Vanessa Guide After ridding Baghdad of its evil vizier, Aladdin is bored at the palace and has still not made up his mind to propose to the princess.
Understanding Joseph examines the Book of Genesis story of Yosef (also known as Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel, who was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, and who rose to become the vizier and second most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh).
He also examines the manuscripts of the Muslim Ilkhans and the Vizier Rashid al-Din in the context of the birth of the kitabkhanah and the rise in the status of calligraphers and painters under the last Ilkhanids and Djalayirids.
In a simultaneous track, the vizier of Sultan, Jafar (Danish Akram) is looking for a lamp hidden in a cave.
- Marwan Kenzarilay as Jafar, the evil Grand vizier of Agrabah with plans to overthrow the Sultan.
In this era, for instance, the Baghdad library of the Persian vizier of Baha al-Dawla contained over 10,000 scientific volumes, while the collection of the vizier of the African Fatimid caliphate of al-Amin numbered half a million books of all kinds--all during a time when the largest libraries in Christendom contained a couple of thousand volumes.
The first was by a vizier named Shawar who was the last de facto ruler of the Fatimid state.
All is well until handsome and arrogant Iskan, the son of the Vizier to the Sovereign Prince, seduces Kabira and persuades her to reveal the springs secrets.
While the team is still at a loss as to whom to cast as Jafar, the folktale's errant vizier, Will Smith is reportedly in talks to play Aladdin's quirky sidekick Genie.
Finally, Sultan Mas'ud decided for al-Muqtafi who his vizier would be.
The hugely loved musical revolves around the love saga of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin which anger the villainous Grand Vizier, Jafar.