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shrewish and malicious

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Even The West Wing's version of Ann Coulter, as played by Emily Procter, was vastly more appealing--fair-minded, not a little vixenish if we're being honest, and touched by the show's inevitable tone of nobility.
With regard to these and all other aspects of our equalitarian social theory, my only aim is the humble one of suggesting that we bear in mind the disregard that nature has for unintelligent good intentions and the vixenish severity with which she treats them.
Literally overnight, Stone lands the interest of a junior Webster editor (Kim Cattrall, playing even more vixenish than Hewitt) and finds himself catapulted to the bestseller list.
Having cast Inez as a 'jealous and vixenish heavy,' Ransome stages a scene for his 'romantic little drama' on shipboard, as his star, Ruth Dexter, competes with Inez for the attention of the 'impossibly handsome leading man.
He tries to get back in favor with the professor while pining for the vixenish Claudia, who he doesn't realize is the professor's daughter.
The following morning as Jayne's hangover kicks in, she meets Emily, Blodwen's feral daughter, a vixenish pre-teen whose vicious knowingness conceals a damaged personality.
The vixenish dolls, a multibillion dollar brand for manufacturer MGA Entertainment Inc.
Suffice to say -deep breath -Alan Rickman is an ad agency boss who's being tempted to cheat on wife Emma Thompson by his vixenish pa while trying to persuade shy employee Laura Linney to admit she's in love with her equally shy fellow worker.