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Synonyms for vivification

quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous

the activity of giving vitality and vigour to something

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Conversely, Paul calls for vivification of some traits, as we (v.
He affirms the Pentecostal resolve to "adhere to perceived fundamentals of the faith" and asserts that "Pentecostals do not seek a radical departure from their inherited theology but, rather, its vivification." Hunter points out that trinitarian Pentecostals have been indifferent to water baptism "because Spirit baptism has taken center stage." Therefore, "Pentecostals at large will not own a view of sacramental efficacy that is determined to promote self-contained efficacy independent of the participant's faith." It is conversion and Spirit baptism, rather than water baptism, that effects union with Christ.
from a rather propositional to a more dynamic understanding of revelation that sees revelation as the communication of God's life-reality to his church, a reality that encompasses cognitive aspects while remaining continuously in need of vivification in order to become a powerful expression of God's image in every new historical context.
In "El Golem," through the vivification of the flawed creature, the connection between the word and its created object is portrayed as distorted by chance, far from absolute, but not-wholly severed.
Instead, they function as markers of liminality, rather like the short fictions of Mansfield and Woolf which ruminate on the stilling of the subject by death, and the vivification of the insensate.
By establishing singular existence as a real object of investigation, Nicholas had significantly conduced to the empirical touch with the world manifested in the vivification of physical and mathematical sciences of the period (Flasch 2008b: 146, Beierwaltes 2004:360ff.).
The rulers of Faery, out of love for Man or the obligations of kinship, or even a mutual necessary interdependence of which Men are unaware, devise a plan for the "enlightenment and vivification" (99) of Wootton Major, in which certain humans will be chosen as a type of "Apprentice" (96) to visit Faery and bring back a whiff of the air of that perilous country to their families and society.
A similar vivification of matter happens in literature, as it has been shown through this analysis of Peterson's novel.
They describe Mercury as the bringer of light, lustre, and vivification:
While this unblocking of tradition's occlusion constitutes a destruction of canonical infrastructure, it may also provide a speculative opportunity for a vivification of the "sources." Speculative non-buddhism aims to "go back to the sources"--conceptually, not philologically--unburdened by tradition's concealing and tedious tessellation, and see what happens.
While the fantastical mechanical creatures obviously provided Harryhausen and his directors with an opportunity to dazzle viewers with state-of-the art special effects, the most common statuary vivification effects were achieved by simple mechanical or double exposure techniques, and represented the embodiment of a statue or icon by a deity--a deus ex machina of sorts.
(96) Once again, this Christendom is not the destruction of the fruits of modern culture, but their vivification by the spiritual dynamism of Christianity.
They are affirmation, strengths, diversity, cultural vivification, social justice, and internationalization.
(46) Vivification and injunction (implicit or explicit) are brought together in exemplum, but the event has already occurred (iam mutaverat).