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While biological age may have something to do with their vivaciousness, their ability to remain in that flow of being, moment to moment, also does.
You may not like her signature style of layering short tops and jackets over long ones, or find her fondness for Trinny-esque colour combos such as dove grey and lemon yellow even remotely appealing, but her irrestible enthusiasm and vivaciousness are bound to raise a smile.
By the way, I have first-hand experience using his herbal tinctures and it has taken my health to an all new level of vitality, vibrancy, and vivaciousness. Now after entering my senior years, I feel better than when I was in my forties.
Dubai: If there's one thing anyone who knows Khadija Ahmed will vouch for, it's her bubbly nature and vivaciousness. But as the 35-year-old Pakistani woman now lies listless and intubated in a public hospital in Dubai, her silent battle for life is breaking the hearts of those around her.
After all, the summer season is the time for vibrancy, liveliness and vivaciousness. It is the time one can experiment with all kinds of fashions and bet on getting noticed!
"With her magical markers, Holly brings forth the vivaciousness of life, creativity and fun, and, of course, that means shopping."
I would loved her to have brought a bit more of Dorian's vivaciousness and vigour to stage.
Another visiting reader was Jackie Kay, who dazzled all of us with her vivaciousness and her boisterous laugh--both she and her work exuded a sense of vitality and genuineness.
For example, Odili was initially attracted to Elsie by her 'vivaciousness' and 'attainability' which he praised as 'virtues'.
"The concert we're doing in Birmingham is very much inspired by Italy, with Vivaldi's personality and vivaciousness.
"The concert we're doing in Birmingham is very much inspired by Italy, with Vivaldi's personality and vivaciousness. Then the new commission by Mark-Anthony Turnage and Tchaikovsky's Souvenir de Florence are both pieces inspired by Italian-ness and by Italy.
With sparkling star fruit, crystal peonies and almond creme, each key note adds an element of vivaciousness and comfort to the scent.
Mimi's vivaciousness and Nadine's energy make them so different.
So, the #SEXTRAFYNE 2Shirts are for the confident female who enjoy celebrating the vivaciousness, passion, and beauty of women today.