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With sparkling star fruit, crystal peonies and almond creme, each key note adds an element of vivaciousness and comfort to the scent.
Mimi's vivaciousness and Nadine's energy make them so different.
So, the #SEXTRAFYNE 2Shirts are for the confident female who enjoy celebrating the vivaciousness, passion, and beauty of women today.
On the palate it shows depth of flavour with a vivaciousness and a lovely crisp finish.
Superbly encapsulating the vivaciousness of the Diva, the Velvet collection exudes both elegance and style in its design lines while at the same time sporting a heart powered by outstanding craftsmanship that signifies the best of the Roger Dubuis brand.
But even her warmth and vivaciousness can't overcome the sense of foreboding.
Charming aesthetic virtues include gracefulness, wittiness, vivaciousness, imaginativeness, whimsicality, liveliness, and so forth.
In his hands, words take on a lively sort of madness, a vivaciousness that's both unpredictable and beguilingly personal.
The most significant deteriorations are registered within those functions directly related to the biophysical features of the neuroendocrine system, namely the mnesic function (it registers and fixates current information), focus and attention's stability, vivaciousness and spontaneity of imagination, flexibility in thinking, emotional stability (they cry very quickly for anything), stress resistance, and so on.
What began as a portal for my vivaciousness has now become the basis for the creativity and emotional knowledge I have gained over the past 11 years.
The vivaciousness of the Toastmasters program has helped add new cities like Vizag and Tirupati, onto the Toastmasters map.
Ellie, the first doll in Feda's Dolls for Downs creation, "captures the beauty, vivaciousness and spunk of kids with Down Syndrome.
The crystal is really a kind of vitalism for Deleuze, and the cybernetic, cellular universe re-enchants dead matter with a kind of vivaciousness.
Her story, told in a series of poignant, yet graceful poems, captures the elegance, vivaciousness, and resolve of this Cuban ballerina.