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an examination conducted by spoken communication


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The recent announcement of the results of the Central Superior Services (CSS) exams have been termed 'a national crisis' by the newly-appointed Higher Education Commission's (HEC) chairperson, who has announced that a high-level committee is to be set up in order to probe the poor performance of the 9,391 candidates who appeared in the written examination and only 312 managed to pass, reduced to 310 after the viva voce. There were 155 males and 355 females who made the grade and will be recommended for Grade 17 appointments.
A total of 310 candidates had finally qualified for Viva Voce. Among them, 199 candidates were male and 111 female candidates.
Phil/ PhD viva voce, classes, mid-semester examinations are facing enormous difficulties," the statement added.
The examiners were impressed with Sebastian's breadth of knowledge during the Viva Voce, commenting that his knowledge of repertoire stretched well beyond the confines of the exam programme.
House Bill 6908 consolidated 26 different legislative proposals aimed at strengthening security of tenure, won a viva voce voting for second reading approval on Tuesday night.
Defending Islamic modernist Qasim Amin during a viva voce of a Master's thesis at Cairo University, Gomaa denied the claim that Amin had called on Muslim women to remove the veil and disobey the commandments of Islam.
The students were then put through a multiple choice questionnaire and viva voce session to assess their factual knowledge, comprehension and application in clinical cases.
Material and Methods: A quantitative survey was conducted after introducing structured viva voce replacing traditional viva in the first and second year MBBS students.
Those candidates, who had passed in the written examination, were made to undergo pre-selection schedules for medical examination, psychological assessment and viva voce. The final list of candidates recommended for appointment by FPSC after completion of pre-selection stages number 238, of which 132 are male and 106 female.
After passing my viva voce, I promised myself that I would never allow anybody to scrutinize my work like that ever again.
Miles, Beanland qui vient de laisser une bonne impression a sa derniere apparition en piste et qui se presente comme une serieuse candidate pour gravir la plus haute marche du podium, de meme que Viva Voce Sivola de l'ecurie MS.
Concentrating on the nineteenth century, Jenkins and Stewart demonstrate the unexpected consequences of the switch from electing a speaker by secret ballot to viva voce voting (recorded, public roll-call balloting).
Notification also includes that students who will complete their degrees by the end of August can apply for the admission to MS program on provisional basis while those students who have submitted MS thesis and have to undergo the viva voce examination can also apply on provisional basis.
aMaSing will be performing along with Mountain Harmony, the Mold Community Choir, One A Chord and Viva Voce Harmony Group on Saturday, November 9 at Clwyd Theatre Mold.