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an examination conducted by spoken communication

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As the case may be from one investment to another for a financial investor, KFH-Bahrain believed that it is time to sell Menatelecom to an industry player like VIVA, which is a very capable telecom player not only in Bahrain but across the region.
The acquisition will allow VIVA to enhance key technical capabilities and foster further product and service innovation," remarked Al Wetaid.
Srishti Pabra from Mumbai was the Winner of Voice of Viva (Western)
Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Qatie, VIVA CFO said: "During the nine month period of 2016, VIVA's financial results reflected its ability to compete and achieve growth in revenues, and maintain its position as the second largest telecom operator in the Kuwaiti market in term of revenues in the telecom sector.
Using the enhanced data, new VIVA Postpaid subscribers can now experience more on Bahrain's favourite network, be it surfing the internet, streaming videos, downloading their favourite music, scrolling through their social media feeds and gaming, all without worrying about limitations or data thresholds.
Through Viva Brand's partnership with Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura, 22 families in need received more than 50 newly cleaned household goods for their homes.
VIVA CEO, Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, said, "VIVA and BENEFIT are two industry-leading companies, and with the new EFTS agreement, VIVA will expand its extensive mobile payment channels to offer the convenience and real-time access with more online banks.
com/Vauxhall, the videos explore six features of the modern-day VIVA that come as standard though back-in-the-day required a different approach .
Vauxhall, for a bit of fun, has had Autocar magazine reprint its original road test of the Viva and handed it out to hacks at the new car's launch.
Mirror to mirror, the Viva is slightly longer and narrower than Volkswagen's Up, which, of course, is its natural rival.
WITH news that the Viva name will be reintroduced by Vauxhall on its forthcoming new city car, it is perhaps fitting to look back on the little car that bore the name in the 1960s.
The traditional oral viva examination can be called unstructured one, as there is no fixed pattern.
com)-- Viva Cinema, an independent movie operator, is planning its Grand Opening at the newly-remodeled movie theater in PlazAmericas Mall located at 7500 Bellaire Boulevard.
Manama, May 1 (BNA) -- Bahrain's third telecom provider Viva entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft to launch a new application (app) on the Windows 8 operating software that would enhance the services provided to customers at the dedicated Viva counters in the Kingdom of Bahrain.