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an examination conducted by spoken communication

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Thankfully, clever technology in the new VIVA provides drivers with an automated tyre pressure display, which is a much more sophisticated and safer way of checking.
You can tell the Viva was developed on our roads because the ride is comfortable, even more so with a few people on board.
Some older buyers might not want these functions in which case they could do a lot worse than immediately order a new Viva.
Many were built at the then new Ellesmere Port plant in Cheshire and the Viva began to gain fans because of its light, easy to operate controls and slick gearchange.
He added: Viva Bahrain shares the Royal Golf Club s vision to grow the game of golf in Bahrain and we are excited to cultivate the rewards of these efforts in the future.
Guests may also arrive early or stay late to enjoy Viva Sports Cantina, a 4,500 square-foot cantina connected to Viva Cinema.
Microsoft, on its part said the company was thrilled to partner with VIVA to launch the region's first Telecom consumer App on Windows 8.
The concept is simple: Viva Brazil gives you more - more of everything: food, service and atmosphere.
Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, Viva chief executive, said: "Viva is delighted to add to its extensive mobile payment channels by offering our customers the convenience and real-time access to their Viva subscriptions and enjoy the benefit of this great convergence between online banking solutions and flexible mobile payment services.
The private cloud solution from HP will drive business growth for VIVA by enabling us to deploy new services in minutes rather than days.
offer our customers the opportunity to connect on Viva Bahrain's network, and
Stic'Image, which was established in 1994, has been a Codimag customer since 1999 when it installed the Viva 340 Letterpress and decided to purchase the Viva 420.
VIVA BLACKPOOL: RIPLEY'S RETURN - Three and one half stars
The businesses buy minutes from * Viva to load up the telephones.
Direct activation of estrogenic receptors (ERs) is detected photometrically by measuring luciferase activity, which allows quantitative and time-course analysis of target gene activation in viva.