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Synonyms for vitriol

(H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide

abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will

expose to the effects of vitriol or injure with vitriol

Related Words

subject to bitter verbal abuse

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But in the end, the split and vitriol hurt all of us.
In this issue, important information contradicting the author's premise is ignored, facts are frequently distorted, and unhelpful vitriol is included.
And he's turned off by the extremes, by the vitriol.
Jane Marie Todd did the best she could to attenuate Fumaroli's vitriol (420), but it bears no apparent relationship to his principal argument, and so relies on the same sort of unquestioned unanimity among his readers which he so eloquently charges Louis the Great and his agents with instilling in his subjects.
He also requested a ban on the building of "any livery, stable, slaughterhouse, smith shop, 'forge furnace, brass foundry, manufactory of gunpowder, glue, varnish, vitriol, ink or turpentine.
Did you just suck up about thirty years' worth of vitriol, and we didn't get to watch you swallow?
Far from silencing him, however, the vitriol seemed to make him stronger.
When the vitriol rises to this level, it is apparent that some groups are more intent on bashing one side than on finding a program that serves the most students.
Rapidly rising band My Vitriol have graduated from intimate venues like the Little Civic in Wolverhampton to give commanding performances at proper venues like the Academy.
He bristles with vitriol as he points out that transit links have been cancelled, low-income neighborhoods have been violated by 50-foot ramps that were supposed to be underground, and park expansions have fallen by the wayside.
It's difficult to know whether the victims of O'Hara's faggy wit and cruelty were selected because (consciously or not) he recognized himself in them, but one can't help noting that's often the impetus behind such unbridled vitriol.
1819) and to immortalize him in a portrait etched in vitriol in The Spirit of the Age (1825).
Avoiding the vitriol, Ostrom praises Feduccia's study even though it disproves Ostrom's contention that Archaeopteryx' claws were poorly designed for perching.
It shows he wished the Democrat "great happiness" and advised: "Don't VITRIOL Donald Trump let the critics discourage you or push you off course," before he signed off with the words: "I am rooting hard for you.
In a society where anything goes nowadays, I was astounded that such vitriol is being poured on the "other woman" by female writers.