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change into glass or a glass-like substance by applying heat

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undergo vitrification

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Would it not make more sense to make them relatively safe now, by vitrifying them on the sites where they are stored?
ATG ushered in a new era in thermal treatment of LLMW by vitrifying hazardous waste contaminated with low levels of radioactivities.
25 mL straws (5-10 oocytes/straw) in the middle column of the vitrifying solution separated by air bubbles from 40 uL of the same medium on each side.
According to the operator, the state asked it to re-evaluate the vitrifying process and file an additional report because the incidence of metal chaff accumulating on the bottom of the furnace has increased.
Over the next several years, the Department of Energy (DOE) will begin vitrifying -- incorporating within glass -- highly radioactive liquids and sludgy nuclear wastes to prevent them from escaping into the environment.
This facility was completed in 1992 and was designed to conduct treatability studies and research and development activities for vitrifying and recycling many different kinds of industrial toxic waste streams.