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a surgical procedure that removes the vitreous humor and replace it with saline solution

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Doctors said that almost all of the injured whose eyes have been perforated by pellets need vitrectomies in a bid to salvage their vision but due to the huge number of people injured by pellets, at least 300 more are in waiting for the surgery.
In a retrospective case series study on 20G sutureless Vitrectomies by Sangeet Mittal et al on 53 eyes of 45 patients, 2 patients had post-operative hypotony and 2 patients required suturing at the end of the surgery.
During the study period, 124 vitrectomies were performed on 115 patients, 18 (15.
Most of the studies on 20G/23G/25G Vitrectomies are from outside India, and there are very few studies on 23G Vitrectomy.