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a surgical procedure that removes the vitreous humor and replace it with saline solution

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Such port leaks may lead to hypotony, infections, choroidal detachments and loss of effective tamponade.22,23 Surgeons are now more keen to apply sutures to visibly incompetent sclerotomies even with smaller gauge vitrectomies to avoid these potential complications.
Doctors said that almost all of the injured whose eyes have been perforated by pellets need vitrectomies in a bid to salvage their vision but due to the huge number of people injured by pellets, at least 300 more are in waiting for the surgery.
(7) Kim et al reported that in a series of 164 20G sutureless Vitrectomies, suture placement at the end of the procedure was required in 63 (38%) patients to close leaking sclerotomies.
Use of Avastin (Bevacizumab) prior to diabetic vitrectomies in order to decrease intraoperative bleeding through regression of neovascularization has been common.
found similar incidence of retinal detachment after sutureless 23G and 25G vitrectomies and conventional 20G vitrectomy (1.7% versus 1.2%) [17].
In the study by Gopal et al8, 82.4% of vitrectomies included an encircling element.
Most of the studies on 20G/23G/25G Vitrectomies are from outside India, and there are very few studies on 23G Vitrectomy.
The late 1990's saw a continuous improvement of surgical technique which resulted in significantly improved outcomes in vitrectomies performed for diabetic retinopathy.9 Numerous medications and surgical techniques were tested out with the aim to prevent vitreous haemorrhage, out of which intravitreal bevacizumab was found to be efficacious.