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a cultivator of grape vine

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I wonder what changes the next generation of viticulturists might see?
Furthermore, the viticulturist described her upbringing as resilient and found a way to survive after losing her father.
The involvement of certified enologists and viticulturists is the greatest contributing factor to the progression in quality.
French viticulturists get around this problem by tissue-culturing the buds both before and after freezing--a long and labor-intensive process.
To complete the jury the five other seats were taken by expert oenologist Marie-Laurence Porte who was very active in Bordeaux and works for several Petit Chateau, oenologists from Greece, Apostolos Matamis and Dr Evangelos Soufleros, also a viticulturist who teaches at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, active wine writer in social media, consultant and sommelier Gerald Olivier and Sotiris Neophytidis of Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol and winner of the best Sommelier of Cyprus in 2016.
As Fratelli's chief viticulturist and oenologist, Masi nurtures each grape varietal at every stage of production-- a fact that played an important role in SETTE's creation.
Guests will also be guided on beverage selection by Stephan Joubert, viticulturist at South African vineyard, Boschendal.
The company's new vineyard installation and maintenance solutions are directed by their on-staff viticulturist, who will ensure that clients have an expert organizing their entire vineyard development and maintenance process.
Adding to its desirability is an extensive and well-stocked wine cellar, presided over by viticulturist and backer Barnard Magrez.
Bledsoe, VWT's senior vice president of asset management, served in various positions at the Robert Mondavi Corporation and its affiliates, including as a research viticulturist, director of research & quality enhancement, director of grower relations and research, and ultimately as vice president, winegrowing.
"I've got a couple of students taking classes and starting their own wineries as we speak," Stan Clarke, the institute's coordinator, lead instructor and a longtime Eastern Washington viticulturist, said before the ceremony.
Michael Long winemaker and viticulturist Amador Cellars Plymouth, Calif.
As an irrigation tool, the solution is not only economical and scalable, it gives growers an integrated view of the vines water needs to improve quality and drive sustainability, said Gregory Brun, senior Viticulturist at Delicato Family Vineyards.
It started out as an entrepreneurial effort, but is now owned by the luxury goods corporation, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, which has flown in its chief viticulturist ( the person responsible for the grapes that determine how a wine turns out to be), Sioban Harnett, to twist the screw cap on the silver jubilee celebrations of the brand that retails in Delhi at Rs 4,000 ( Sauvignon Blanc) and Rs 4,700 ( Chardonnay) a bottle.
Jean-Pierre and Francois Perrin, sons of noted organic viticulturist Jacques Perrin, now run the centuries-old company, which is celebrated for some of France's most exciting white wines.