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add vitamins as a supplement


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Chocolate full of bitter chocolate full of Milk, Milk Chocolate with nuts, chocolate with fruit filling, wafers chocolate flavored cocoa wafers chocolate flavored coconut wafers chocolate flavored peanut wafers chocolate toffee, chocolate candies, candy vitamin, biscuits, shortbread cookies, Cookies type of dainty, crackers, breadsticks, peanuts salted, Cocoa, Coffee natural ground, Instant coffee, coffee beans, instant coffee - a sachet, Sugar - sachet, black tea leaf, Tea, black granulated, Teabags (Express) , Tea VITAMINISED, pudding, jelly, jelly.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Medicine Supply of Medicine 2 Stomachic/probiotic bolus 4 s 3 Deltamethrin/Amitraz 1L 4 BHC Maggoticidal Oint 5 Indegenous topical Oint 6 Antibiotic eye/ear drops(10,15ml) 7 Inj Calcium borogluconate 8 Multivitamin mineral liquid(5L)/Tab 9 Vitaminised mineral mixture (250,500g) 10 Tetracycline bolus/powder 11 Enrofloxacin Inj100ml/Tab/oral susp 1L 12 Ciprofloxazin Tinidazole Tab/powder