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any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism

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The generosity of our customers never ceases to amaze and humble us," said Vicki McGuire, senior vice president of Vitamin World.
Major Participants and Duration of the Vitamin Cartel by Vitamin Type - Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin D3
The interaction between vitamin D and vitamin A has been hotly debated.
On the basis of more than 100 articles that he collected, Cannell and seven other researchers now propose that vitamin D deficiency may underlie a vulnerability to infections by the microbes that cathelicidin targets.
Vitamin D has effects on the immune system that could be beneficial for people with MS.
What to do: It's not worth taking high doses of B vitamins to lower your risk of heart disease or stroke.
But Gean says that as the vitamin moves through the gastrointestinal tract, most of the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine.
All-natural juices that are sold commercially are a good bet for obtaining vitamins and other important nutrients.
The scientific literature tells us that vitamin D is needed not only for healthy bones and optimal growth and development, but also to prevent colon cancer, MS, and reproductive problems.
The cost of providing vitamin D supplementation of 1,000 IU (International Units) per day for an individual is probably less than $2 per month, and providing adequate exposure to UVB radiation each day might cost even less.
The best solution is to choose a low cost, generic daily multivitamin that provides 100%, but not more, of each vitamin.
riboflavin (vitamin B2) is a growth-promoting enzyme found in the vitamin B complex.
6, 2015 Vitamin World, a leading health and wellness company, has announced that it will hold a two month-long fundraising campaign for Vitamin Angels to support the nonprofit in the fight against undernutrition in the U.
Vitamin D is found in fortified foods and supplements in two forms: vitamin [D.