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any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism

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The synthesis of vitamin D3 starts in keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts.
Vitamin D deficiency tops in the list of the most diagnosed health problems in the Middle East, and also in Oman.
Whether you are a consumer or a clinician, it is important to realize that the vitamin E in one supplement may be very different from vitamin E in the next - even if both claim to be 'natural,' said ConsumerLab.
Tuqan points out that vitamin D deficiency affects bone metabolism, leading to osteoporosis, and contributes to muscle weakness, leading to falls and fractures.
Vitamin D1, molecular compound of ergocalciferol with lumisterol.
MH: I felt like a Maytag[R] repairman every time I got up to talk to doctors about vitamin D.
On the basis of more than 100 articles that he collected, Cannell and seven other researchers now propose that vitamin D deficiency may underlie a vulnerability to infections by the microbes that cathelicidin targets.
Vitamin D has effects on the immune system that could be beneficial for people with MS.
What to do: It's not worth taking high doses of B vitamins to lower your risk of heart disease or stroke.
But Gean says that as the vitamin moves through the gastrointestinal tract, most of the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine.
The closer you can stay to fresh, the greater the vitamin and mineral content that remains intact.
The diets of healthy native groups contained at least ten times more vitamin A and vitamin D than the American diet of his day
Exposing unprotected skin to UVB radiation sets in motion a cascade in which the initial (prohormone) form of vitamin D, found in the skin, is converted to an intermediate form (25-hydroxyvitamin D) in the liver, and then is converted in the kidneys where it becomes the active hormonal form (1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D).
While actual vitamin deficiencies such as ben-beri and scurvy are rare in developed countries, many chronic diseases are associated with inadequate intake of several vitamins.
niacin (vitamin B3) or nicotinic acid, an important member of the vitamin B complex, aids the metabolic process for growth in every cell.